Monday, November 12, 2012

ChickenFest 2012: Part Deux!! Post 4 of 3! (bonus!!!) -- 11-03-2012

Was all the work involved with ChickenFest worth it?!  Hell yeah!  Get a load of what one of my freezers looks like at the moment!  Click here to see how it's done!

In a previous episode...
... we hacked and whacked 44 birds into their individual components for later processing!
This is how we handle it from there!

Start by getting your shit together!
It's not a bad idea to have picked out your seasonings
so that you don't have to scramble for things later!

Once you know what the plan of attack is, start labeling your baggage!
This is a lot easier to do prior to getting your hands all "chickeny"! (duh!)

Now, go grab some of that beautiful chicken!

Open up your bags before you get them gross so that you don't struggle!
This whole process will go a lot faster with a wingman,
though I managed to get it done all on my own!

Toss your seasonings in after you've given it a little lube to help the love happen!

As Bob Marley would say "Steeeer it uppp!" 

Those didn't look done, so I added more seasoning, then I mixed it all up again!
How much do I add??  Just enough, but not too much!
C'mon, you can figure it out!

Now bag 'em!


Time to burp the air out and stack for the freezer!

Next up, BBQ Rotisserie!
I put the vegetable oil in on top of the seasonings so that you can see it better!

Sexy close-up!!
Still looks naked!  Needs moar spices!

Moar added!

Tagged, bagged, and ready to stoach!

Sweet out-of-focus shot, huh?!

Don't over-do it on the Egyptian Berbere spice!
This shit is potent!

Certainly not something you'll find at the local supermarket!

Yeah!!!!  Pub seasoning!!!
You'll wish you'd made more!

Pub seasoning (aka Better Burger Blend from Rocky's in Detroit!)

Damn, I make this look easy, don't I?!

Time to get back to my roots!
My people... we love the sazon!!!

Ohhhh  yeaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
Another sexy close-up!

The hardest part about this is
deciding later what you are going to make for dinner!

Now for everybody's favorite....
Chickeny Chicken!!!

This close-up not sexy enough for ya?!

How 'bout this one?!

Now, time to make those t-loins...

into Chickeny Chicken T-loins!

Don't forget to label the bags before you put stuff in them!
It's a lot easier to do so than when they are full!

T-loins are by far the best part of the chicken! 

Time to make some chickeny breasts!

Worst. Picture. Evar.

Who's up for some chicken?!?
Chickeny chicken is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser, guaranteed!

Now that's a sexy close-up!!

I also made breasts the same way I made the drummies and thighs!

I'll use the breasts on nights when I'm not feeding a lot of people,
and the drummies & thighs on nights when I have a crowd!

Perfect for stir fry? Maybe!

THESE are perfect for stir fry for sure though!

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