Friday, November 23, 2012

ChickenFest 2012: Part Deux!! Post 5 of 3! (bonus x 2!!!) -- 11-04-2012

 What does one do with 20+ gallons of chicken stock?!  Freeze it, of course! Click here to see how we did it!

You might recall the gigantic pot of chicken stock that I had made
using the carcasses from the 44 birds,
plus celery, parsley, carrots, roasted garlic and lots of love!

Well, now it's time to put it all away!!!

It was late and we were both pooped out from a long day at work..., I didn't get many action shots of us ladling all of this into plastic containers,
but you might be able to imagine just how exciting it was!

Some people might argue that this was too much for two people to share.
I would argue that those people don't know how to dream big!

 As you had seen in the previous posts, my freezers are already full!

So, I had to send almost all of it home w/ Byrnestein!
(He's got a top-open freezer unit perfectly suited for just this occasion!)

 Here is just some of it all packed up and ready to go!
We plan on sharing some of this with our closest family and friends!
If you want some, shoot me a note!
Click here to see all the pics of the shenanigans at the

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