Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ChickenFest 2012: Part Deux!! Post 1 of 3! -- 11-02-2012

Holy crap!!  Can you believe how many chickens I got for ChickenFest 2012: Part Deux?!?  I picked up 44 birds for a total of 150 lbs and spent the weekend processing them for storage!  Click here to check out how I did it!

Friday morning, Crazy Dave & I made a run down to the D to Wolverine Meat Distributors at the Eastern Market!  In this pic, you can see the towers of the RenCen under on heck of a front of clouds!

We picked up two cases of "WOG's" as they are called in the business!
There was just shy of 150 lbs between the two cases!

These birds are fresh!!  They were killed the day before I picked them up and never frozen!
Can't get any more fresh without killing them yourself!

This was a lot of damn chicken!

(Anyone else remember the Chicken Dance??)

Into the big stock pot for the night!
I'm gonna soak these babies in a light brine!

Moar chicken!!!

Still lots to go!!

Mmmm.... chicken!

One box in, one more to go!


Now that's a pot of birds!!

Gather your brining gear!

I went with 1.5 cups of salt, 2 cups of brown sugar, and a pint of apple cider vinegar!
Also, I forgot to take a picture of the 1/4 cup of granulated garlic that I added!

How we doin' here?!?

Ayyyy!!  We're doin' good!

At this point, it was time to let them bathe overnight to let the love happen!
Being a Friday night, we tossed s'more wood on the bonfire and
gave the keg another coupla kicks before callin' it a night!
Stay tuned for the next post!

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