Thursday, November 8, 2012

ChickenFest 2012: Part Deux!! Post 2 of 3! -- 11-03-2012

Day Two of ChickenFest 2012: Part Deux was yet another crazy day of hackin' and whackin' birds into manageable-sized pieces!  Get a look at how we did it by clicking here!

On a previous episode... 

...we brined 44 birds over night!

I know, right?!

Better not forget to through the garlic in the oven to roast
so that you can add it when you make the stock!
I used only 2 lbs! I wish I had made more!

Getting things set up...

My Uncle-Brother Schertzer was on-hand providing assistance!

On to the sticks go the funnels!

Springer also came over to lend a hand!

Big pot of chickens behind us, receiving pots for parts in front!

Time to get to work!

On to the funnels go the birds!

Somebody put on some Bachman Turner Overdrive because
we're takin' care of business!

Jedi butchers at work!

This would be easier with little mini-light sabers!

The breasts come off clean w/ just a little ninja action with the blade.

Off they come in one piece...

... making it a butterflied chicken breast!!
Good luck finding these in the store!

Makin' progress!

I wouldn't do this crazy crap if I didn't enjoy it!!

Into the stock pot go the carcasses!

Wat's thaat??


¿Como?  No se!

Lookin' good, eh?!

Farm-fresh, never-frozen!

All done!
2 massive pots full of drummies & thighs
1 massive pot full of chicken wings
1 massive pot w/ 44 butterflied chicken breasts
1 pot w/ 5lbs of tenderloins

And one monstrous pot with 44 carcasses for stock!

Weary soldiers after a long day of chickening it up!

Damn, it gets dark quick in Michigan!

Just prior to bagging it all up for the night!

Bagged up for storage in the fridge until I'm ready to season 'em, then freeze 'em!

Now, go grab your half & half!

And get your wings soakin'!
I like to let them stew in this bath overnight,
so go stoach it in the fridge!

Ah... time to relax by the fire... but wait!
You didn't forget the garlic, didja?!?

Be carefs, yo!  That shit's hot!

My house smells incredible now & I have to resist the urge
to eat all of these with an entire box of Wheat Thins!!!

NOW it's time to relax around the fire!
Go grab another brewski and a breathmint forgodssake!
If you're like me, you probably sampled the garlic to make sure it was "safe"! :)

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