Featured Cooks!

Hey gang! 

Thanks for your interest in the amazing cooks I've managed to find!  As often as I can, I will add more featured cooks to this page!  On the left, you'll see links to these and many more incredible chefs around the world!  Each of them I find inspiring!  I watch their videos to learn about new foods and cooking techniques that I haven't previously encountered personally.  

This page will provide a brief description and links to my favorite chefs, which I strongly encourage you check out!  Do you know someone who should be on this page?!  Great!!! I'd love to hear about them! Send me a message and I'll check them out!  It can be anyone! Does your Abuelita have a secret recipe or technique for making migitas?  Does your Babcia make the best gołąbki??  I want to know!

On with it!

One of my very favorites is Chef John from Food Wishes.com!  On his YouTube channel, he makes an incredible assortment of dishes in a way that's both entertaining and informative! With a fantastic sing-song like cadence to his voice, Chef John focuses more on how it's made than using precise amounts in your recipes!  After all, as Chef John might say, you are the da Vinci to your Mona Lisa!  Definitely head on over to FoodWishes.com!  Chef John has something to satisfy even the most finicky appetite!  Seriously gang, this guy is my hero! I aspire to be able to cook like him someday!  I'm honored to have him as my very first Featured Cook!! -- Steve-o

Please pardon the dust... this page is under construction!  I intend to update it as frequently as I can!  Until then, check out any of the links to my favorite cooks on the left!

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