Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Sweet & Spicy Teriyaki Pork Jerky!!


Hey gang!  Sorry for not updating much lately!  I've been a busy boy! Click here to check out the sweet & spicy pork jerky I made recently!

Hey everyone! I'm back!
Sorry I was away for so long!
Thanks for coming back to check out HelluvaCook.com!
I hope to continue to do updates regularly!

For now, check out this righteous jerky I made from
pork tenderloin!

Sweet & spicy!
How awesome is that?!

I prefer to make jerky
thick cut!

Nice and chewy!
The sweetness hits you first,
then the heat builds up the more you eat!

Check out how I make it!

I start by super-trimming all of the silverskin
off of several pork t-loins!
Cut them as thick as you'd like,
just make sure they're all the same thickness!

Into the marinade they go!
Squoosh it around until it's mixed well,
then stoach it in the fridge for two days!
Be sure to keep squooshing it around
every so often!

Into the dehydrator they go!
I tend to put them in late at night
so that I wake up to the amazing smell
of freshly-made jerky!

Thin-cut is great too!
It's a more leathery texture!

I always make as much as I can fit
into the dehydrator!
You can never have too much jerky!

Peel them off the racks and chuck 'em
into a bag to stoach them in the fridge!

Try not to eat all of it in one sitting!

Thank you guys for your loyal patronage of
Do you want some of this
Sweet & Spicy Pork Jerky???
Send me an email or a text message to let me know*!

Here's a shot of yours truly and my 
big brother from another mother!
(I'm on the right!)
*prices & availability may vary!

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