Monday, February 15, 2021

Snow Storm Soup!!


There's a snow storm is a'comin', or so they say!! Hunker down at your homestead with a hearty soup to sooth your soul! Raid the pantry, it's time to conjure up some soup to stave off the cold! Click here to see how easy it is!

It's frigid out there! What do we want??

A bigass bowl of steamin'-hot SOUP!

When there's snow on the radar, why not hunker down,
raid the pantry, and make yourself a giant batch of soup?!?

Go to the soup dept of your pantry and grab all the stuff you'll need:
L→R: Canned Boneless Chicken, Rotini, Chicken Broth, Garlic Powder,
Petite Diced Tomatoes, Peas, Pepper Grinder, Mushrooms, Seasonings, Corn, and Carrots!

Open up everything, combine, mix well, heat as needed.
This is pantry-made soup, not fresh/scratch-made.
Get 'er done already!

That's lookin' pretty good!
Add fresh ground pepper and hot pepper flakes
as you see fit!

Mmmmmm, soup!

You need to practice making soup from ingredients you have on-hand
so you know how to do so when push comes to shove.

The snow and cold are so much more tolerable on
a stomach full of hot soup!

So easy and super tasty!
I can eat soup every single day!

So, as the snow falls, why not gather what you've got handy
and whip up your own batch of soup to keep you warm!

Stay safe out there!

Cheers!  -- Steve

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