Sunday, February 14, 2021

Homemade Pizza!!


No legit reason or excuse exists to justify paying $15+ a pizza when you can so easily make a much better one yourself!  Save your money and eat better pizza!  Click here to read on!


Making pizza isn't nearly as hard as you'd think!
Why on Earth would you pay big $$, plus tax & tip, for a pizza?

You can make pizza from almost anything so,
go raid the fridge for whatever meat & veggies you have,
then whip up a doughball!

 Sheet out your dough, then hit it w/ some garlic seasoning!

Grab a can of pizza sauce from the pantry!
ALWAYS have pizza sauce in the pantry.  Duh!

What are you waitin' for?
Sauce it!

Green peppers, why not?!

Onion, jalapeno, and diced bacon, for the win!

Got some pre-cooked chorizo on-hand in the freezer
for just this type of occasion?
Of course you do!

You're gonna need cheese!

Any kind of cheese will work, but this
quesadilla cheese melts real nice!

NEVER leave any unused real estate for "crust"!
Sauce and toppings to within 3/8th inch of the edge, 
then cheese all the way to the pan.
Seriously, no one loves "crust".

Into the hot box it goes!
I like my pizza on the toasty side!

I hacked this pizza up non-uniformly,
bec sometimes you want a big piece, 
other times just a lil one will do!

The pizza above was from last week!
This one below is from this week!
Whaddayamean you don't make a homemade pizza every week?
Are you nuts?

Sauce it *almost* to the edge!
Do NOT let the sauce touch the pan! 
Sauce burns, cheese gets crispy. Duh!

All of the veggies from the fridge! BAM!

A buttload of cheese!
Into the oven it goes!

If the bottom isn't done, yank it out of the pan when it's mostly done,
and fire it back into the oven to finish up!

Give it a sec to cool down before you cut it
otherwise the toppings might slide off!

Looks good, eh?!
Pizza places have nothin' on homemade pizza!

This whole incredible pizza cost less than $5 and fed me for 2+ days!

BTW, leftover pizza is amazing when reheated in the air fryer!

Thanks for stopping by!
Hopefully, I've inspired you to make your own pizza
instead of handing over your cash for some substandard pie!

Come back again soon for more indulgent cooking!

Cheers!  -- Steve-o

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