Monday, January 11, 2021

Roasted Garlic, Why Not?!

Didja know it's a total no-brainer to make roasted garlic?!  Check out this post, then grab a few bulbs to try it yourself to see just how easy it is!

Making roasted garlic takes only seconds!
Grab as many bulbs as you think you'll need...
then do at least one more!
Trust me, you'll be glad you did!

Here, you see that I've carefully cut the tops off 3 bulbs!
I only wish I'd bought one more!

Keep them together as much as possible,
but try to nip the tip of each clove on each bulb.
This lets the oil get in there to let the love happen!

Drizzle on a little lube and then hit 'em w/ a pinch of salt!
No garlic baker?  Use any ceramic casserole dish w a lid!

Once you've convinced the garlic of your love,
put the lid on it and fire it into the air fryer!

45± min @ 375°!
You can use a conventional or toaster oven as well!
The roasted garlic will impart an amazing smell to your house as it bakes!

Check out how incredible this came out!!
I ate a whole bulb by putting each clove of garlic
on a Triscuit or Wheat Thin!

You can also mash it up as I have shown below
to add to soup, chili, stir fry, pizza/garlic bread, etc!

I hope you like checking out how to make roasted garlic!
Come back again soon for more tasty pics!

Cheers! -- Steve-o

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