Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Mini Soft Pretzels!


Who doesn't love a good soft pretzel?! I certainly do! Now, I'm not gonna lie... these are quite a bit of work to make, but I love them and I love you, so I made us soft pretzels (but, mostly for me!)  Read on, pretzel-lover!

Hot out of the air fryer, these mini soft pretzels
dunked in mustard if you're in the States, 
or Obazda if you're in Germany,
will make you happy you took the time to make them!
(Seriously, take a minute and check out that link for the *proper* way to make Brezn!)

Make a bigass dough, then stoach it in the fridge for the night!
The next day, snip the dough into equal size chunks! 

Roll out each lump into a log just long enough to let you tie the knot!
Fortunately, this'll be the only kind of knot I'll ever be tying! 😎😆

Well, pitter patter... let's get at 'er!

This is part of the reason making pretzels takes so long!
Grab yourself a beer and knock it out!

Done! Now dunk 'em in a boiling water bath that has baking soda in it!

Into the air fryer they go!

Only takes a few minutes, so keep an eye on them!
These aren't quite done yet!

Let 'em cool on a rack while you do batch after batch!

Try not to eat them all as they come out of the air fryer!

You'll have a whole pile of pretzels after very much ado,
but it's totally worth it!

Gorgeous, huh?!

ALWAYS make more soft pretzels than you think you'll need!
You'll not want to share and hoard them for yourself if you don't make a lot!

Personally, I prefer mine cut in half, toasted nicely,
then made into mini ham-&-cheese sammiches!

Thanks for stopping by HelluvaCook.com!
Maybe someday, if'n you're real lucky,
I'll make more soft pretzels and share them with you!

Cheers! -- Steverino 

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