Thursday, January 16, 2020

Venison & Beef Steak Bites!!!

Juicy, savory, & cooked to perfection! These mouth-watering chunks of meat are a cheap & easy crowd-pleaser!  See just how it's served up sizzlin' hot over at!

Check it out!
An old friend gave me some chunks of venison stew meat,
so I bought some beef to make enough to share!
This was super easy and very tasty!
I served it up w/ dipping sauces and it was a hit!
You should definitely give this a shot!

Let's do this!
From the freezer the night before,
I'd pulled the venison so that it would thaw!

I am fortunate to have scored this meat!
Venison is not sold in stores*!

I blew it and forgot to snap a few pics
of the chunks of beef stew meat that
I had gotten from Sam's Club for a damn good deal!

Into a bin goes all the meat, bbq seasoning, soy sauce,
vegetable oil, garlic & onion powder
and a shitload of LOVE! :)

Schwoosh it around a good bit, then vacuum seal it!

Into the mini hot tub go the goods!

If I'm not mistaken, this ran for an hour or so at 140 or so
I dunno, let the Joule figure that out.
Don't sweat it!

Just a little while later!
The meat is cooked, but not finished!
The guests aren't here yet!
Quick, hit the shower!

Again, I blew it on taking pics of the cooking process! 
Into the air fryer they go, batch by batch!
This was enough for 5-6 big batches!
I started w/ 1++ lb of venison & 3.5 lbs of beef, FWIW

Into the air fryer at rocket hot for only as long as
it takes to make them look sexy!

These chunks of meat came out
 super juicy and packed with flavor!
The sous vide makes them come out PERFECT!
Soft and tender without being overdone,
slightly chewy and mildly addictive,
these chunks of beef and venison are sure to please!
Thank you for visiting!
Come back soon for more tasty grub!

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