Sunday, January 26, 2020

Total No-Brainer Pork Loin!!

With only a few minutes of setup & a little time to finish them in the cast iron, pre-seasoned pork loin couldn't get any easier!! Click here for step-by-step pics of how it's done!

Super tender and infused with flavor!

These flavored pork loins make
sous vide cooking incredibly easy!

I scored a whole bunch for a great deal,
so let me show you just how easy it is to do!

Set up the mini hot tub!
It's time to bathe this loin!

I used the Joule app to set it to 136° for an hournahalf!
The best part is that you find a recipe w/ a cut of meat
similar to the one you are doing and just let it
figure out the rest!

I seal the lid w/ a silicon mat
to help retain the heat.

It only took an hournahalf because it wasn't frozen.
Three hours is how long it would've run
had I put the meat in frozen!


Perfectly cooked!

Given the option, as you are with many of the recipes
in the Joule app, I would select a less-done temp
so that you can finish them in the pan w/o over-cooking them!

Hack it up and then get to sizzlin'!!

Now, sure, I ate this w/ an avocado on mini flour tortillas
w a side of broc, but no one wants to see all that!

These things came out amazing!

Super tender but done to perfection!
You can do this with any flavor
of pre-seasoned, vacuum-packed meat!
Shoot me a message if you can't figure out
how to properly set your Joule!

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