Monday, January 20, 2020

Sous Vide Mini Chickens!!

What's just as tasty, just as easy, but waaay more impressive on date night than a regular old chicken?!  Mini chickens!  Duh!  Slip into the mini hot tub with these lovely birds and see just how easy it is!

Get a load of these lil buggers!

Just in case you didn't know, 
Cornish hens are just a very small breed of chicken!
They're also sold in 6-packs at Sam's Club for only ~$15!

Sous vide means with vaccum and 
it just so happens that these guys are nicely vaccum-packed!
Get out the Joule and set up the mini hot tub!
It's time to get these babies floain'!

I very highly recommend the Joule sous vide emersion cooker!
They aren't cheap, but they're well-worth the money!

Even if the Joule doesn't have an exact recipe for what you are making, 
they have dozens pre-programmed into the app,
so pick something close and roll with it!

I've got the setup down to under ten minutes for the Joule!

These guys will dance underwater without getting wet
for the next 24 hours!!

"Wait! What?!", you exclaim.
"No, they won't be overdone, have faith!" I tell you!

The beauty of the Joule is that it keeps the hot tub at the precise
temperature that you've set it to!

This means that producing perfectly cooked food is a

Unwrap the birds and discard the au jus!

These look good, but they need finishing,
Into the air fryer they go!

Lookin' good, but they need some love!

Hit 'em with some garlic, parsley,
whatever you want!

Pop them in for not more than 15 min @ 400°
Give them a jiggle halfway through to make sure they
are well aware of the love you have for them.

Once they're just about falling apart, they're done!

These are the perfect size for one person!
I ate one for dinner and saved the other two for lunch!
This took a total of only 15 minutes of effort!
Can't beat the results-to-effort ratio! :)

Now, when I do the other 3 from the 6-pack, 
I'll thaw them, then marinate them overnight
to pack them with even more flavor!
Sure, it'll take a little more effort,
but, baby, I'd do anything for you! ;)

Thanks for visiting!
You know I've always loved you!

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