Monday, January 13, 2020

Smoked Kielbasa, Bacon, & Veggie Supreme Pizza!!

Loaded with meat, veggies, & sauteed garlic, peppers, & onions on scratch-made dough! Check out how supreme pizza is done at the Brewster Roadhouse!

When I get a hankerin' for pizza,
I make it from scratch myself!
It's not as hard as you might think, 
especially if you're prepared ahead of time!

No restaurant/delivery pizza can beat the
cost, quality, and taste of one of my pizzas!
If you think otherwise, come over and I'll prove it!

Let's get to it already!
Grab your doughball from the fridge!

This doughball was enormous!
It was big enough for this 17 inch pizza & a batch of pretzels!

The smaller pieces will become pretzel braids!
Stay tuned for a new post about how I made them!

I sheeted-out the dough and stoached it
in a warm over to let it
relaxxxxxx, mannnnnnn!

Go get yourself another brewski, 
then get back to it, buttercup!

Don't forget to hit it with garlic butter, yo!

Awwww, yeahhh!!
Jamn it back in the over and let the lovvve happen!

Now, get to cookin' that bacon, bruh!

Mmmmm, baccccconnnnnn!

Lid that shit, yo!

The gods of bacon are pleased with your offering!

Be carefs, yo!
Don't overcook it!

Ditch the bacon oil and then get to frying up the kielbasa!

Give 'em some crispy edges!

Grab that dough from the oven!
It's time to assemble this pie!

Sauce it!

Surrrrre, you could make your own sauce, 
but this is my blog and I don't have time for that sh!t :)

Remember the garlic, peppers, and onions you fried up?!
Grab 'em! It's go time!

Meat team, go!

Real estate is limited!
Be sure to use every single bit of space you've got!
However, don't pile the ingredients on too deep!

Bring on the heat!

I grew these hot thai chili peppers last year!

Into a paper towel, then crush them up!

Quesadilla cheese is awesome on pizza!

Say cheeeeese!

Again, be certain to put sauce, ingredients, & cheese
all the way to the edges of the pizza!
Who needs crust, right?!?

Into a 500° oven, yo!

Bake the hell out of it!

When it looks gorgeous, it's done!

Uncut pizza is sexy AF!

Give it a minute to cool down before you cut it!

This is going to be molten hot for several minutes!

Grab yourself another brewski, a plate,
 some hot sauce, and put the 3rd period of the game on!

Finally! Cool enough to hack up!

See what I mean by toppings out to the crust?!

Hack and whack as you see fit!

Sooooo gooooood!

Can't wait to dive into this pie!

This is where I finally put the camera down
and start stuffin' this pizza in my pie-hole!
I really hope you enjoyed seeing how I make pizza!
Thank you, once again, for visiting!
Please tell your friends and family about this site if you like it!
Also, swing by the Brewster Roadhouse for a slice of pie next time you're in the area!

P.S.  I bag & tag some this pizza for lunch at work,
though I do throw most of it in the freezer!
Throw a piece in the air fryer for 10 min at 400°
and you'll be feasting on pizza that's damn near
as good as the day you baked it!

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