Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Shrimp & Veggie Lo Mein!

Why pay a fortune for takeout or even more for delivery?!  Lo Mein is loaded with veggies & I don't skimp on the shrimp!  Pull up a seat and watch me whip up a bigass batch!

Making Lo Mein is fun & easy!
You can use whatever veggies and meat you have on-hand!
I happen to have bought a bunch of stir fry veggies,
so let's get to it!

First thing's first!
Get some water on the boil and grab your lo mein noodles!

When the water is boiling,
toss the noodle in and give it a stir!

While the pasta is on the boil,
get to hackin' the vegetables!

Baby bok choy are more tender and less "peppery"
than regular bok choy!

Cut up all the veggies so that they are roughly the same size!

With any bok choy, you'll want to separate the stalks from the leaves
because they cook at different rates!

Give the bell peppers a whack!

Don't forget the fresh jalapeno!

Onions too! Don't add too much if they are potent
or you'll overwhelm the dish!

Gather everything and get ready to stir fry it up!

I happened to have this packet of fried rice seasoning that has a good flavor, 
so I lubed up some shrimp and sprinkled it on them before throwing them in the air fryer!

Time to cook the eggs!

I tend to cook my scrambled eggs separate from everything else.

Once they're fully cooked, but not dry, set them aside until later!

Give the wok a wipe, the toss in a bit of oil
and fry up the garlic!

Onions go in next!

Give them a minute or two to let them get happy!

Now we add the carrots, peppers, and celery!

Don't forget the bok choy!

Cook these veggies for a few minutes to give them a head-start!
Don't forget to bring the heat!

A few fresh ground Thai chili peppers
 from last year's garden ought to do it!

When the veggies are mostly done,
toss in the bok choy greens and some cilantro!

Time to toss in the scrambled eggs!

Give it a stir and continue to cook it for a few min!
Hit it with some of the stir fry seasoning as well as soy sauce!

Stir fry this up until the veggies are done but still a bit crunchy!

Now it's time to add the shrimp & lo mein!

Lookin' good!
Time to finish it!

You're going to need to add more seasoning, 
soy sauce, and perhaps a bit of sesame oil!

Stir everything up and adjust the seasoning to taste!

Other things you could have used/added:
Chicken/pork, rice instead of lo mein, leeks, green onions,
water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, and mung bean sprouts!

That's it!  Time to chow down!
Grab a bowl and a set of chopsticks!

If you're like me, you're gonna need the sriracha!

See how easy it is to make lo mein?!
There is no WRONG way to make it, 
so don't be afraid to give it a shot!
You don't need special ingredients, 
just use whatever you have on-hand!

Thank you very much for visiting HelluvaCook.com!
I really hope that you enjoy seeing how I cook!
If you do, please tell your friends & family!
Be sure to come back hungry for more!

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