Friday, January 17, 2020

Nashville Hickory Hot BBQ Chicken Thighs!!

What do you do on a weeknight when you've worked all day and don't want to cook, but you're famished?! You make Nashville Hickory Hot BBQ chicken thighs in the air fryer!! Click here to see just how easy it really is!!

You're probably thinking I'm crazy but, hear me out!

Weeknight meals are a breeze if you've 
done just a bit of prep-work ahead of time!
These are chicken thighs that I've marinaded/rubbed
then bagged & tagged for use on
hungry weeknights or quick lunches!

Let me show you how I do it!
Sam's Club had this new seasoning, so I grabbed one!

I also grabbed a 6 lb package of boneless, skinless chicken thighs!

Toss the chicken thighs into a bin and go grab your seasonings!

So, I've decided to add both Hickory BBQ & Parsley
thereby making this a "Nashville Hickory Hot BBQ" rub!
I also add a bit of lube and a splash of white vinegar!

Mix that shit up, B!

Now, that's lookin' gooood!
Throw a batch in the air fryer!
Youv'e gotta give them a shot, right?!

15 minute-ish @ 400°ish!
When the chicken is almost done, 
throw in a load of tater tots, why not!

While the chicken is in the air fryer,
chuck the rest into labeled bags!

Now, stoach these babies in the freezerator until
the next time you don't feel like cooking!
You can throw as many as you need
directly into the air fryer from the freezer
and they'll be perfectly done in under 15 minutes
with damn near ZERO effort!

Thank you very much for checking out!
Hope you dig the grub I make!
Let me know if you have any special requests!
Tell your family & friends if you don't mind sharing!
Thanks!!! -- Steve

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