Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Hot & Spicy Pork Tenderloins!!

Amazingly versatile and easily imbued with whatever flavor one desires, pork tenderloin is always a strong contender when I ponder which meat is my favorite.  Satisfy your curiosity and get your hunger on by clicking here to see more pics!

I hereby declare that pork tenderloin
is NOT to be reserved for only special occasions!
Obtained from Sam's or Costco,
pork t-loin is VERY affordable,
super healthy, and incredibly delicious!

Once frozen in any marinade of your preference, 
you'll have handy an easy, yet tasty dinner
in only 15 minutes or so!

So, what're you waiting for?
Let's get the band back together again!
I loved that Hot Nashville Hickory BBQ chicken
so much that I decided to go with it once again!

Vinegar, Veg oil,
Nashville Hot seasoning, parsley, garlic powder,
 paprika, hickory bbq seasoning, agave nectar,
and a buncha chili peppers!

A splash of the liquids
and as much of each seasoning as you see fit!
This is just what I chose to use!
You can use whatever marinade you'd like!

Into buckets go the spices!

When prep-cooking, it's usually easier to make
double at once instead of making more later!
So, I'm also doing a batch of chicken thighs!

Stir up the spices to make sure that
nothing is stuck to the bottom!

Give it a taste!
Not enough pepper? Needs more garlic?
Perhaps a squeeze of lime?
Now is the time to fix it!

Grab your beautiful tenderloins!

Hack them up into 3 or 4 pieces per t-loin,
depending on how big they are.
And no, I don't bother w/ the silverskin.
F*ck it.  :)

Mix it up realllll niiiiiiiice!

When the chunks of tenderloin have been
thoroughly convinced of your love for them,
stoach them in the fridge, yo!

Let's knock out the chicken thighs
while the love is happening for the t-loins
that are relaxing in the marinade!

Same dance, different partner!
Get them into the spice bath already!

Be sure to mix them thoroughly!
Chicken thighs have awesome interstices
between the muscles in which
the spices can hide!

Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh!!

Lookin' good, huh?!

Blast a batch into the air fryer, 
then bag & tag the rest for the freezer!

By the time you are done putting the rest away 
and cleaning up the production area,
the thighs will be sizzling!
Famished, I gnoshed on these as an appetizer!

45 minutes later, TanSanta showed up for a beer,
so it was time make some t-loins!

Though they hadn't sat toooo long in the marinade,
they seem to have sucked it up,
most likely because I'd punched 'em full of holes
with a few forks before they went into the fridge!

These cooked up quicker than I had anticipated bc
they weren't straight out of the freezer!
You'll have to poke 'em w/ your finger
to determine when they are done!
You do know how to do that, right?!?

While they cook, you'll have just enough time
to hack up an avocado and steam some broccoli!

Pork tenderloin should be nicely pink inside!
This looks perfect to me!
Be sure to UNDER cook the ones
that you intend to reheat for lunch!

Once again, the coworkers will be jealous!

Have I succeeded in making you hungry?!
I certainly hope so!

Don't forget to put the rest of the t-loins
in the freezerator for later!

Simply chuck a few into the air fryer
the next time you're hungry, 
then go grab a beer while you wait!

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Thanks! -- Steve-o

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