Monday, January 27, 2020

Hackin' Up a Huge Ham!!

When you're given the opportunity to buy a ham for a great deal, you buy the biggest one they have! You'll be glad you did!  Click here to see how to bag & tag a big bowling ball of meat like this one!

Holy crap!  $0.50/lb!! No way!
Like I said, always buy the biggest one you can get your hands on!

Unwrap this bad boy and grab your favorite knife!

She's a beauty, eh?!

This was a "semi-boneless" ham,
so it came from the top of the leg!
Lotsa meat on it!

So, you'll get no points for style bc no one
else cares how you hack it up as long as
your food comes out tasty!

So!  Get to hackin' and whackin'!

It took a while, but I made this into palm-sized ham steaks
and large-chunk diced (cubed?) ham!
The steaks are perfect for breakfast or sliders!
I'll use the diced ham on pizza and in omelettes!

Getting there!
Keep workin' on that bone until there isn't anything left!
Then, go ahead and go to town on it w/ your TEETH!
You can get the very last of the tasty bits
 off that bone before you ditch it!

Here's what I got from a 16 lb ham!
2 bags of mini ham steaks and a big bag of cubed ham chunks!

Ham freezes rather well and keeps for a while, 
though I'll probably go through this pretty quick!

This ham is easy and delicious!

There's a million ways you could put this to good use!
On a salad! Fondue?! In a grilled cheese!
Ham nachos?!  Wrapped in pilsbury dough and baked!!

Welp!  Might as well go ahead and make a batch
while I have it pulled out of the freezer!

I'd done half the night before and stoached it directly
into the freezer, so it's already frozen!

Only 10 min in the air fryer at 400°
and you'll be ready to chow down!

Mmmmmmmmmm, hammmmmmmmmmn!

Sooooo goooooood!
When it's hot, it's ready!
Be careful not to overdo it, yo!
Plate it up, or maybe toss some cheese on it
then shove it back in for a minute to get melty!

I hope that I've inspired you to buy your own
bigass ham and hack it up for future use!
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Tell me about it if you don't! :)

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