Thursday, January 23, 2020

Frozen Zingy Fajita Chicken Tenderloins!!

So, you've just kicked in the front door after a long day at work and the last thing you wanna do is cook but you don't want to derail your resolution to eat healthy in 2020.  What to do?!  Raid your freezer for the zingy fajita chicken tenderloins you made last week!  Read on, my friend!

In just 15 minutes you can be eating
mouth-watering, guilt-free chicken tenderloins!

Straight from the freezer into the air fryer, 
these couldn't get any easier to make on a weeknight!

Read on to see just how to make a batch of these for yourself!

Grab a bucket, white vinegar, and some veg oil!

Just a splash of each!

Now, you can use ANY seasoning that you'd like!
I happened to have these two, 
which make for a great starting point!

You don't have to use a seasoning packet as a starter,
but they are certainly an easy way of getting the ball rolling on a marinade!

I'll also add some parsley, garlic, hot peppers,
and some lime juice/zest!

Grab your microplaner!
Adding the zest from a lime or any citrus
really enhances the flavor of the marinade!

Yeas!  Like that!

Be carefs, yo!
That thing is sharp!

Crush the peppers and toss them in with the rest
of the spices!

Don't forget to give it a squirt of lime juice!

This is a 6 lb package of tenderloins from Sam's Club.
Always get the biggest package in the meat case!
Hell, get two!  The more chicken you process and freeze,
the more meals you'll have ready when you don't want to cook!

Toss these guys into the bucket and mix it up!

I always throw one batch right into the air fryer!

15 minutes-ish at 400°!
That gives you just enough time to bag & tag the rest!
Get to it, cupcake!

Label the bags before you put anything in them!
Doing so is far easier than writing on a squishy bag of meat!

Distribute them equally into a few bags.
Don't put too many in each!
You want them to lay flat in a single layer
with their edges barely touching
so that you can break off and use
 only what you need later!

Ohhhh, yeahhhhh!
The first batch is done!
You did remember to jostle them around halfway through, right!?!

Hah! Look at that!
Try not to scarf them all down before you finish making dinner!

Set those aside until you've put away the chicken!

You'll get approximately three bags from each 6 lb package

Stack them up and stoach them in the freezerator!

Now, after you've wiped down the counter,
hack and whack the veggies!

Stir fry up the veggies, then toss
 in the chunked-up chicken t-loins!
See?! Quick, easy, AND healthy!

Fast forward one week...

It's a weeknight, you're starving
and not in the mood for, well, anything.
Except mouth-watering chicken!

From the freezer you grab the chicken you prepped!

Cook only as much as comfortably fits into your air fryer!

Stash the rest back in the freezer or make them in a second batch!

Once again, 15 minutes-ish at 400° and you'll be eating well!
ALWAYS cook more than you think you'll need!
Why?!?  So you'll have a badass lunch
 to take with you to work tomorrow!  Duh!

Thanks for visiting!
I hope you find my food blog entertaining and informative!
Cheers! -- Steve-o

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