Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Cheesy Bacon Garlic Rose & Pretzel Braids!!

So, whaddaya do when you've got extra dough on-hand??  Make pretzels!  Click here to check out this cheesy bacon garlic rose & pretzel braids that I made!!

Cheesy, garlicky, & pull-apart-y!
Watch me whip up the best smelling rose you've ever seen!

Hot out of the air fryer,
this baby was born an endangered appetizer!
It only lasted moments before it went extinct!

Ooooh, look at how nice it pulls apaaaaaart!

How 'bout some pizza sauce for dipping?!

On with it!
Let's get to cookin'!

One half for the pizza, the other for the braids!

Hack the dough up into roughly even sized pieces!

Yeass, half the smallest size shown above
rolls into the rope you see below!

Roll a pair to start!

Try to get them even in thickness and length!

Cross them in the middle,
then braid 'em as you otherwise normally would!

This is a flat braid, for those of you keeping score at home!

Over, under, over, under...

...keep going until you run out of rope!

Quick and easy, right?!?

Shown below, the top one is the flat braid,
the bottom is a plait braid in which
you go left-to-right, down, left-to-right!
See the difference?!

Now, let's get fancy!
Roll out four ropes!

Start by criss-crossing them in the middle!

One by one, do the over-under method!

Consistency is key!

Just keep going over-under in the same order
until you run out of rope and you'll end up w/ a rose!

Pretty neat, huh?
And, here, you didn't think you could do it!

Get the water boiling!
Let's turn these things into pretzels!

I make pretzels in my wok because the low sides
allow me to scoop them out when they're done!

A few tablespoons of baking soda should do it!

Float each one in the baking soda bath for about 2-3 min

Grab another brewski and get 'er done!

I decided to pretzel the braids and leave the rose unpretzeled!
They look *naked* though!
Let's fix that!

Grab the mantequilla, garlic, and parsley flakes!
Melt them in the nuker, the schlobber it on!

At this point, I was starving!
I hit the rose w/ the garlic butter,
then tossed it right into the air fryer!

Oh wait! This needs more LOVE!
Let's cheese it!

JICYDK, quesadilla queso is great for melting on stuff like this!
Oh yeah! Don't forget the bacon!

I forgot to take a shot of it before
I slammed it into the air fryer!

15 minutes-ish @ 400°!
Just enough time to clean up some of the mess!

Ohhhhh mannnnnn!
I can't wait to dive into this!

Another sexy shot before I dig in!

See?!  See how nicely this wants to pull apart?!

This was perfect with a bit of pizza sauce for dipping!!

Let's finish up those pretzel braids!

Carefully they go into the air fryer!

Again, approx 15 minutes @ 400°!

Holy crap, they came out perfect!

They both poofed-up and curled slightly as they cooked!

What you might not know is that
pretzels freeze really well!
Chuck these guys in the air fryer
straight from the freezer for only a few min @ 400°
and they'll be as good as the day you made them!

Thank you very much for visiting!
I hope you enjoy seeing my cooking creations!
If you do, please tell your friends & family!
Be sure to come back soon hungry for more!

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