Thursday, January 3, 2019

Double-Smoked Unsliced Slab Bacon!

When unsliced, double-smoked slabs of bacon are on sale, you get yourself one!  See for yourself why!  Click here for more drool-worthy pics!

50% off Wright's Double-Smoked Unsliced Slab Bacon???  
My only regret is not getting two. Or three!

She's a beauty, eh?!

Instead of cutting it lengthwise, I decided to cut it against the grain!

3/8ths inch thick cuts against the grain because it's my bacon, damnit! 
Cut your own however you'd like! :)

Looks damn good, but what're we gonna do w/ it?

Stoach it!

You can't put it all away, right?!
Time to make sure this passes inspection!

This bacon came out amazing! 
I forgot to take pics after I'd cut it up into bite-sized pieces to pick at!
Chili, pizza, nachos, salads, fajitas, baked potatoes...
Chunks of slab bacon are super versatile and worth the hassle of hacking and packing them away for later!

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