Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Brewster Roadhouse Biergarten 2018!!

Hi everyone! Welcome (back) all of you loyal followers and new arrivals!  After FAR too long without having posted anything on, I, too, am back!  Please accept my most sincere apologies for such an extended absence!  Click here to check out a bunch of pics from the Biergarten at the Brewster Roadhouse!  Click here or on the image to read more!

There've been a lot of big things going on at the Brewster Roadhouse during my absence from the blog!  I'm nearly finished with the renovations on the house, so be sure to check back soon to see pictures!  For now, check out what's growing in the Biergarten this season!

Watch your step!
Peppers on the right, Asparagus directly to the left!

Red, Orange, & Purple Bell Peppers! 
Thai Hot, and Poblano too!

I've already got a bunch of Thai hot peppers nearly ready to pick!

The poblano pepper plants are really boomin' this year!

The island in the center of the garden has Russian Mammoth Sunflowers on which the pole beans are growing, surrounded by a ton of sugar baby watermelon plants!

The weird-lookin' plants in the blue cage are tomatillos! Neat, huh?! 

The pickling cukes have taken over the entire fence on which they are growing!
I get a few every few days now!  Woot!

This is the arched trellis on which Himrod (table not wine) grapes are growing! 

How cool will this be when it has bunches of grapes hanging all over it?!?

This arch was an idea that I came up with myself!
I intend to get more plants to help fill in the rest of it!

I've got 5 different kinds of 'maters growin' this year!! 

This new way of caging the tomatoes has worked out awesome!

These are the first tomatoes of the year!
Due to the renovations on the house, I didn't get the plants in the ground until the second week of June, which is WAY late!

The trellis/cage was made out of rewire mesh used in concrete slabs!
The holes are large enough to allow you to pick tomatoes easily, but small enough to contain the plants!

Get a load of my asparagus plants!!

New asparagus shoots come up every few days!

Instead of picking them, I'm just letting the plant get bigger so it can produce more at once!

I won't ever have to buy asparagus again because they grow back more and more every year!

The hops plants I got from Byrnes are finally climbing the trellis!

Though I won't have a big harvest this year, next year I'll have enough hops to make some homebrew!

They said tomatillos can't be grown in Michigan!  Seems that I've proven them wrong!

Strawberry planter #1 of 2!


This is a rogue tomato plant that started growing on its own here!

Green onions are the easiest thing ever to grow!

I grew these from cuttings from the harvest of the 'taters I grew last season!


The various types of berry bushes are growing like crazy!

Ok gang!
Thanks for being patient w/ my extended absence from the blog!
I can't wait to get back into posting more often!
I'm very close to being done w/ the remodeling of the house, so be sure to check back soon for updates!
Cheers!     -- Steve-o

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  1. Nice garden. I like how you have created the fence with recycled materials. You are heaven bound Steve, heaven bound! :-)