Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How 'bout a little sammich?!

Nothin' hits the spot quite like a good sammich!  Check out how we do it at HelluvaCook.com! Click here to read more!

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Did you know that you can make a giant sandwich big enough to feed 3 hungry men for less than $12 bucks?!
Depending on what you've already got on-hand, it'll likely cost you significantly less!
This is an easy way to feed a crew, especially considering it can be made ahead of time - typically that same day - to gnosh on after working on big projects around the house!

Grab a bigass loaf of your favorite bread for making subs!
Mine happens to be the French bread that Walmart sells for a buck each!
Believe it or not, it's good, fresh bread for super cheap! Only $1 each!
If'n you haven't yet tried bread from Walmart, give it a shot before you turn your nose up at it!
It's also great for making garlic bread and French toast!

It's sammich makin' time, so crank up the tunes, pour yourself some suds, and get to it!
Hit it w/ some cheese and mustard for starters!
I used sliced American & brown mustard, but you can use whatever you have on-hand!
Havarti & Poupon? Yes, please!  Colby Jack & stone-ground? Oh hell yeah!
What makes it onto your sammich ain't nobody's business but yer own!

Grab a beefsteak from the garden!
What do you mean you don't have a garden?!

Get to slicin'!

Deal 'em out and hit it w/ some fresh-ground black pepper!

This is just what I happened to have on-hand!
There's no reason you couldn't use whatever meat tickles your fancy!

Ham it up, yo!

Now, grab some of the garden-fresh salsa that we made in a previous episode!
Sure, you could skip this step, but why would you?!

No sammich is complete w/o tons of BACON!!!

How 'bout some green, leafy shit?!  Sure, why not?!  Let's go w/ kale!
Kale adds a lot of texture and is far more nutrient-dense than lettuce!

Don't forget to wake up those tastebuds w/ a bit of hot sauce!!
I dig El Yucateco's chile habenero sauce!

Do it to it w/ the hot sauce, then complete the assembly of your sandwich!
At this point, it's time to ring the dinner bell!
I managed to eat about 1/3rd of this before I was stuffed!
I'd imagine that a sub like this would easily feed 3-4 dudes!
Not bad for only $12 or so, right?! 

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