Monday, May 11, 2015

Quick & Easy Grilled Pork Fajita Meat!!

One of the reasons I love pork is its versatility!  Check out this quick & easy method of making mouth-watering grilled pork fajitas!!

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These, my friends, are "boneless pork loin backribs", but all you need to know is that they are incredibly tasty and super-easy to grill up!

Whenever I see these marked-down for quick sale at Sam's Club, I snatch them up!
There had actually been two packages available totalling 5.57lbs of pork loin for only $13.26!
Not a bad deal, huh?

Pork readily adapts to whatever seasonings you put on it!
 So, you could do a t-yaki sauce, southwest rub, or a sazon seasoning as I have done here!

Could a better price/lb be had? Sure, but only if you buy whole pork loin!
This is an easy cut of meat that is affordable, super-tasty, and pretty much freezer-ready!

This is one of my favorite Mexican seasonings!
You'll love it too!  Trust me!

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Grab your supplies!  Let's get cookin'!


Grab your Jaccard!
Let's poke some holes in this meat to let the seasonings work their way in easier!

Each punch w/ this bad boy puts another 48 holes in the meat!
Doing so severs some of the connective tissues in the meat and tenderizes it nicely!



Just go to town on it and give the meat the last massage it will ever get!

You'll know when you're done when the meat "relaxes"!

Hurry up and beat that meat before it gets warm! 

I threw in two pieces per freezer bag with a few tablespoons of vegetable oil and two packets of Goya Sazon!

Squoosh them all about until everything is evenly distributed and then burp out the air before you stoach them in the freezer!

One more sexy close-up, why not?! 

I tossed one bag in the freezer for some other time and one bag on the grill for tonight!
This made enough for me & Santana for that evening, and also enough leftovers for lunch for me to take to work!

Don't forget the tortillas!!

Ohhhh mannnnn!!
I know it is lookin' good, but give it a few minutes to rest before you cut it up!

At this point, the refried beans and the rice were ready to hit the table along with some sauteed onions & peppers!  We also had a garden salad to go with this, but I blew it and forgot to take a picture of the whole thing put together!  Crap! 
Either way, it was quick & easy and certainly very delicious!
Next time you have the chance, give some boneless pork loin backribs a shot!

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