Thursday, April 30, 2015

First Midnight Stir Fry of 2015!!

The weather is finally getting nice out there, so we did our first stir fry of the year last weekend and it turned out great!  Check out a few pics!

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So, the weather has finally decided to start cooperating enough for me to host the first Midnight Stir Fry of 2015!!   I've been lookin' fwd to this for a MONTH!

Only $25 bucks or so will feed the whole gang and leave me leftovers with which to make my co-workers jealous!

Matt started the fire while I was busy hacking and whacking the veggies!

Bam!  That's how we prep-cook stir fry veggies!

Cukes for the Shanghai Sesame Cucumber salad I also made!
Can't have a stir fry w/o baby bok choy, right??

Green onions and shiitake mushrooms! 

Bean sprouts, baby corn, and bamboo shoots!

Carrots and broccoli!


Far lower left, ginger!

All we had to do at this point was wait until close to midnight to start the cooking!

Whitney's lookin' hungry!!!

Byrnes, "Whelp, I think that fire looks about right!"

Me, "Fuck yeah, it does! Get to cookin'!"

And so commences the carefully controlled mayhem with Mr. Byrnes at the helm and me acting as both the photog and sous-chef! 

Get a load of that grub sizzlin'!!

Bit by  bit, each ingredient goes onto the hibachi, starting w/ the stuff that takes the longest to cook!

Schink-chink! Keep on stirrin' and fryin'!

When everything else is nearly done, toss the pasta on the hibachi to sizzle it up and incorporate it into the rest!

At this point, any additional remaining seasonings, sauces, and spices should be added!

Once everything is piping-hot and al dente, it's time to chow!
We yanked the pile w/o mixing in the meat so that the vegetarians among us could eat too!

Mmmmm.... stir fry!!!!

That meat done yet, Byrnes?!  

Time to chop it up into bite-size pieces!

"I'm hurrying!!" said the guy who should be hurrying faster!


Once the meat is cooked and chopped, it's time to yank it off the grill!

Don't forget to throw the tortillas on to toast them up a little!

The anticipation has reached its climax! 
The gang is getting hungry!

Keep an eye on those tortillas!  They'll go from done to scorched in just a few seconds!
At this point, it was time to dive in!
I served up this massive pile of stir fried veggies w/ the chicken on the side!
This was more than enough to stuff everyone full and still leave leftovers for lunch at work!
This came out so tasty, I can't wait to do it again!

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