Monday, December 8, 2014

Homemade Roasted Garlic & Herb Cheesy Bread!!

Hungry or not, if s.o. puts some fresh-baked, ooey-gooey, roasted-garlicky cheesy bread in front of me, I'm gonna put a hurtin' on it! Check out the batch I made the other night!

Grab that garlic from the back of the fridge before it becomes petrified from old age!
It's time to make some roasted garlic cheesy bread!!

Peel off the outer layers of garlic paper then, using a pairing knife, nick the tops off of each clove in the bulb!

Doing so allows the vegetable (or olive) oil you drizzle on them to fill the little hole in each clove instead of just run down off the sides!
Don't forget to hit them w/ some coarse sea salt, but no pepper!  Pepper burns and might create off flavors!

Chuck 'em into some glass bakeware w/ a lid and fire it into the oven at 400° for an hour!
This couldn't get any easier!

Once they look like this, they're done!
Refrain from grabbing a bag of Triscuits and just going buck-wild on this like I did!
I ate nearly an entire bulb before I realized I would need to leave enough for the cheesy bread!
Use a fork to pluck each of the cloves out of the bulb, then toss them in a coffee mug w/ some (clarified, preferably) butter, more salt, and fresh ground black pepper!
Don't forget to schnazz this whole thing up a bit by adding some Herbes de Provence!

Meanwhile, you had started to make a batch of dough from scratch an hournahalf ago, roight?!?
Good!  It's time to sheet that shit out!
A schpritz of schpray lube on the pan will help to alleviate schtickage!

What are ya waitin' for?!  Get to spreadin' the roasted garlic & herb mix around!
Don't forget to preheat the oven, yo!

Make damn sure that you've covered every single square inch of real estate w/ the garlicky goodness!

At this point, I was tempted to add bacon bits, rotisserie chicken, and even some sauteed onion to this, but I tried to keep in mind that I'm making cheesy bread, not pizza!

Cheese it!
This is a four cheese blend that I get from the Restaurant Depot that has mozz/asiago/romano/parmesan in an 80:10:5:5 ratio that works perfect for this type of thing!
The only cheese that I would recommend highly AGAINST would be Velveeta!
Don't do it!  (Or go ahead and find out the hard way like I did that this is a BAD idea!  Uck!)

20 minutes or so later it's done!

There's time for a coupla sexy pics while it's cooling down from being molten hot!

Mmmmm....  cheeeeeesy!! 
The only thing left to do is hack it up!
I just used scissors to cut it up into bite-sized pieces, but you can cut it up any way you'd like!
Of course, this is a perfect side dish for pasta or even a big, manly salad, but on this occasion, I just made this my dinner!  The only thing I needed to go w/ it was a cute female companion, but unf I'm all out of female companions!  Anyone know s.o. who might wanna join me next time?!  Hit me up on FB! :) 

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