Monday, December 1, 2014

Chicken Pickles!!

What the hell are Chicken Pickles? Well, they are breaded, pickled chicken tenderloins and they are DELICIOUS!!  Duh!!!

When your mudda told you to stop playin' w/ your pickle, this wasn't what she was talking about!
Pickled chicken t-loins are the best damn finger food out there!

Get you some chicken tenderloins and a bunch of pickle juice!
Shown above, I marinaded 2 x 2,5 lbs of chicken t-loins in 2 jars worth of pickle juice!
Trust is essential on this!!

Two and a half days later, they are ready for the next step!!

Beat the livin' shit out of half a dozen eggs, then salt and pepper them liberally!
Into this bath go the chicken pieces!

Once dunked, chuck a few at a time in your Batter Pro breading do-hickey!

Go get yourself one of these and save TONS of time breading stuff!

Cover the chicken w/ a light dusting of breading, then close up the BatterPro and shake it up!

Extract the chicken from the BatterPro and repeat until it is all done!

You'll notice that the egg sort of seeps through the first layer of breading by the time you are done breading the last of them, so do a second dunk-and-shake process, then...

...use any leftover breading to cover up the chicken until they are just about to go in the fryer!

Shake off the pieces before you chuck them in the oil and fry 'em up until they are sizzlin' hot!

You'll probably need to do them in batches, unless you have a gigantic deep fryer like I do!

The second dunk of the chicken into the breading really makes a difference in the way it comes out and should not be skipped!

Whip up some fries to go w/ it, why don't we?!

The only thing left to do at this point is to pull out a buncha sauces that these can be dipped in!
This is an easy-peasy meal!
The only problem is making enough to have leftovers!

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