Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cleveland Clam Bake 2014!!

Fall is upon us, which means that it is time once again for the annual Cleveland Clam Bake!!  Get a load of all this seafood!

It's time to get that fire going!
The weather is brisk and we've got work to do outdoors!

That's one bigass steamer pot (box?)!! 

Crank up the heat!  Let's get this thing started!

Awww yeah!!  Nice and toasty!

Here we are, just getting the party started!

None shall open the steamer without permission!!
To stave off our growing hunger, we chowed down on the clam chowder and washed it down w/ suds while we waited for the main course!

After several hours of merriment and shenanigans, it was time to serve up the seafood!

Each "bake" comes w/ half a chicken, potatoes/yams/corn on the cob, and a dozen clams!
You can also order extra clams by the dozen or bring your own crab legs and lobster tails!

The chicken comes out of the steamer first to bake it in the oven to give it a bit of color!

At this time, in go the corn on the cob!

We also throw in any extra seafood that people brought w/ them to the party!

Twenty-ish minutes later, it's all hot and ready to go!

Get a load of all those clams!!

We had originally ordered 28 dozen clams, but the Catanese brothers screwed up and only gave us 18 dozen, so we had to go back to get the rest!

As a way of making things right, the Catanese's gave us the 10 dozen we were shorted and an extra TWENTY dozen for free!!  That's roughly $120 bucks worth of clams!

At this point, Malue distributed all of the seafood and quite a bit extra to everyone at the party!
It was safe to say that everyone got their fill and then some!

Awww, what a cute pic of our gracious hosts, Sharon and Steve Malue!
Scoll down to check out more pics of everyone hangin' out after dinner!

Casey & Sharon hangin' out while she's back for the weekend from school!

Mark's wife Jenn and I were catchin' up over a brewski!

These lovely ladies had accompanied their men, Matt Cox and Brian Ebby to the party!

Young Charles had his Homecoming Dance the same evening as the Clam Bake!

Jerry's daughter and son-in-law are but one of the many couples at the party this year!

Kristie and most of the other ladies took refuge from the cold in the house!

I somehow caught Mark in the act of sprinting toward the keg to refill his empty cup!

Here's a pic of a proud poppa and his brilliant daughter who is now attending Ball State this fall!

Holy Crap!  We managed to get nearly the whole gang in one pic!
Left to right: P-Base, Frankie, Harry, Tak-man, Miller Time, Jeronimo Jerry (front, short), Cox (back, tall), D-troit, and Uncle Bunklewicz!

D-troit & Tak-man 

King Bob and Alex shootin' the shit w/ Aunt Sally!

Aww, BFF's! 

King Bob, au naturel!

What the hell is going on in this pic?!

This is indeed one of my very favorite pics of the Grand Poobah & Frankie hangin' out!
Looks like Harry is tryin' to feed Frank a big spoonful of bullshit!

Awww, what a cute couple!

Either that chair is way over-sized or Jerry is way under-sized!
My guess is that it is a little of column A & a little of column B! 

This is one of Cox's buddies and, boy, was he wasted! 

The 3 amigos!
Unc just needs a bitchin' mustache to match Frank & Steve's!

Aww, Frank & Wendy Bogart make yet another cute couple!

How could a daughter possibly be embarrassed by a picture like this?!

Casey and Grandma Sal hangin' out!

Jerry found a dance partner!

This is one of the many little rugrats running around havin' fun at the party!
It blew her mind when her dad confirmed that the method by which I was making my LED light strip light up was indeed magic!

The 2014 Cleveland Clam Bake was another resounding success!
We had 58 dozen (696!) clams, which I'm fairly sure set a new record!
A great time was had by all & we can't wait to do it again next year!
Thanks again to Steve & Sharon Malue for throwing another great shindig!

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