Monday, September 22, 2014

8th Annual PeakenStine Pig Roast!

Last weekend was our 8th annual pig roast celebrating the birthdays of Jamie Peake & Jake Stine!  Check out how we roasted this big, bad oinker!

Once again, Jamie Peake, Jake Stine, and yours truly threw one helluva pig roast in celebration of their 37th birthdays!  This makes eight years in a row! 
(We started on the zeroeth year -- their 30th birthdays in 2006!)

It took a bit of wrasslin', but we managed to get this 126lb porker on the spit!

This year, we used giant hose clamps to cinch the pig on to the spit!
These worked out really well!

Dr. Sasha (Jake's gf wife!) did the honors on stitching him up for us!

Once we'd managed to get him affixed to the spit well enough, it was time to start the cooking/smoking process!

It was approximately 12:45 AM when we finally got it rolling!
Not bad, considering our goal of having it going by midnight!

We were all pretty thrilled to have things finally under way!
(Left-to-right:  Dr. Sasha Stine, Jamie Peake, Jake Stine, and one Mr. Thomas Brigglesworth IV!!)
A special thanks goes out to Tom for having brought two 5-gallon kegs of awesome beer from the Library Brewing Co. in the Keewenaw peninsula! 



At this point, the pig had been smoking/cooking for approximately 9 of the 17.5 total hours that we ended up cooking him!

We used apple wood (shown on the left) to smoke the meat!

The new propane conversion for the pig roaster couldn't have worked out better!
I want to send a big thanks and a shout out to Diamond Jim Voll and his friend for having custom-made the propane burner for me!

The propane allowed me to not have to babysit the pig and add new charcoal every 25 minutes!
I actually managed to get some sleep while it cooked on the rotisserie all night long!

Meh, not the best shot of me, but here I am all set and ready to rip apart this swine!

Mmmm..... tasty!!   The meat was ready to fall off the bone!

I do believe that congratulations on another successful pig roast are in order!

Time to glove-up!

Here we are, doin' it to it!
Jake's awesome cousin Angela was kind enough to film the shenanigans w/ my GoPro on a head mount!

Anyone want a pig's foot to gnaw on?!  :)

Who wants some cheek meat?!
Some say that it's the best meat on the pig!
I wouldn't argue against that too much!

Once again, Jamie uses the pig's face as a mask! 

Tom was just so excited to have been picked as one of the lucky recipients of the eyeball!

Takin' care of business!

Look at all those trays of pork!
At this point, the crowd was drooling and could no longer be stopped from digging in!
The pig was a huge hit!  We had all sorts of sides & suds to go with it, of course!
I gobbled the pulled pork down on a pretzel bun w/ some homemade salsa that I had made for the party! 
Though we'd had just a few minor road bumps during the cooking process, the 8th annual PeakenStine Pig Roast was a great success!
We had a ton of pork, a boatload of side dishes, dozens & dozens of Dr. Sasha's infamous Jello shots, and over 20 gallons of beer for the large gaggle of people that had come from near & far to join in the festivities!  Fun was had by all & we are looking forward to doing it again next year! 

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