Thursday, August 7, 2014

Homemade-ish Pizza!!

Who on earth would ever buy a frozen pre-made pizza when making one yourself is so damn easy?!  Check out an easy way to "cheat" at making your own big, badass, homemade pie!

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Well, look who it is!! Chicago Bob is in town for the weekend hanging out!
Guess what, Bob?!  You get to be a special guest cook on the blog this week! 

Haha, I can tell you're excited!

Now, how 'bout you yank all the pepperoni off of that pie for me?! :-)

Zoey says "Wait, what?! Pizza?!?  I'm in!"

Fine work there, Baaab!

Now we've got a blank canvas to work with, so to speak!
As you can see, I've used a Sam's Club take-n-bake pizza to cheat a bit so that I wouldn't have to make the dough myself!

I just so happened to have a lb of Italian sausage on-hand!

We're also gonna need some cheese!  I had Parmesan and a mozz/asiago/romano blend!

Hack up the 'roni in preparation for frying it up!

Check these out!  I grew them myself!

This is some of the first of what should be a TON of produce from my garden!

Good job chopping it up, Bob!

Into a pan w/ a bit of butter and some garlic & herb seasoning!

Give 'em just a few minutes & try to yank them off the heat before they get soft bec they will finish cooking in the oven!

Time to fry up that pepperoni!
I do this so that I can squeeze out most of the oil before I toss it on the pizza!

Time to assemble this work of art!

Lookin' good, huh?

Time to cheese it!

Mmm.... cheeeese!

Now, if only I could find some incredible chick to join me on nights like these...

OMG, uncut pizza is soooo sexy!

I like my pie toasty!  Trust me, this thing is so thick that there is still loads of ooey-gooey melted mozz in there! 

Whack it up and then give it a minute to cool down while you go grab another brewski!

Oh man!  Someone's excited!

At this point, it was time for Bob & I to chow down!
I had a lot of fun hangin' out w/ him this weekend & I greatly appreciate all the help he gave me around the house!  Cheers, bro!

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