Friday, August 22, 2014

Chicken Noodle Soup for Mom!!

Hot, homemade chicken noodle soup w/ veggies straight from the garden!  How can ya beat it, esp when you're not feelin' so hot?!

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Sometimes, all it takes is a big bowl of soup to make ya feel better when you're not feelin' well!  Other times, it requires major surgery!  Unf, my mom had to have the surgery, but I made her some soup anyway!

 Get well soon, Mom! Love ya!

*Just in case you're wondering, she's doing great after surgery and will be back in action soon!*

Grab a rotisserie chicken from Sam's Club!  It's time to make some soup!!!

Presto-chango!  De-boned!

WooHoo!  This makes wishbone #19 that I have in my collection!
It must be a sign of good luck!

Get out your favorite chickeny seasonings, yo!
Left to right:  Vegeta (repackaged), Lawry's Perfect Blend, and Weber Roasted Garlic & Herb seasoning!

Toss the chicken (and whatever au jus that was in the container w/ it) in a pan w/ some seasonings and heat it up! 

Meanwhile, you should have already grabbed a block of homemade chicken stock from the freezerator!

See all the lovely schmaltz on top of the stock?!  That's where all the love is!!

Put it in a pot schmaltz-side down and crank up the heat!

Heat this up to a simmer while you are screwing around getting the rest of it prepped!

Don't forget the noods, yo! 
After all, it isn't chicken noodle soup w/o at least one type of pasta!

These veggies came straight outta my garden!  Pretty awesome, huh?!




Moar veggies, why not?!

Sliced and chiffonaded aromatics!!

Time to throw all of the veggies in a pan to simmer them w/ some seasonings for just a few minutes...

...before adding them to the soup stock!

That's it!!  The soup is ready to serve!

Look at that sexy pasta!

Dish up some noodles, top it w/ some chicken, then ladle on the soup!

Mmmm.... soooouuuuuuppp!!!

And to think, this only took 40 minutes to make, start to finish!

Mom, I miss you very much and wish that I could be there with you while you are recovering from surgery!
I would love to make you all sorts of tasty food to eat because I would guess that you are sick of hospital food! I promise to come see you soon and sneak in whatever I can so you can eat some good home cookin'!
The whole family loves ya lots & we wish you a speedy recovery!!
Get well soon!!!

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