Thursday, July 24, 2014

Homegrown Kale in a Basil-Garlic Scampi Sauce!

This ultra-tasty dish is one of my favorites because of how easy it is to whip up! Check out how I do it!

Grab your fresh, leafy greens from the garden!! It's time to make dinner!

Take the major stems and veins out of the kale, then give it a good rinse and rip it up into manageable-size pieces!

Though it's hard to tell, but I've also got fresh basil and scallions in there!

Oooh, lookin' gooood, huh?!  Don't forget to check on the pasta you'd started earlier!

This angel hair is ready to go!

Toss the block of chicken stock that you've already partially defrosted into the pan!

Don't forget the butter!  Also, keep in mind that you're making enough sauce for an entire pound of pasta, so don't skimp!!

Grab your seasonings!

Don't forget the scampi seasoning pack!
(I nearly forgot to take a pic of  it before I chucked it in!)

Ok!  Lookin' good! 
Could you add fresh ground black pepper, kosher salt, or even bacon bits at this point? Sure! Why not?
I was just keeping it simple bec it was already 10:45PM and I was a hungry boy!

Get a lid on that shit!

Pow! This looks about done!
Take note of how much the kale cooks down!  Always be sure to use way more kale than you think is necessary when making a dish like this!


Sorry about the crappy lighting in my pics!

At this point, I gobbled down arguably too much of this flavor-packed pasta!
On this rare occasion, I actually remembered to take a pic of the leftovers that I would be having at work for lunch the next day!  Sure as shit, this made my co-workers all kinds of jealous! 
What are ya waitin' for?  Go make yourself a bigass batch of scampi!! 

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