Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Smoked Beef Stew!!

Get a load of this smoked beef stew that I whipped up last weekend!  Loaded with flavor & easy to make, how much better can it get?! 

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For the sake of brevity, let us cut the crap & get down to business! :)
In a previous episode, I showed you how to prep your meat for the smoker/slow cooker!
Be sure to click on the link above for a reminder on how the meat prep is done!

So, by this point, you've rubbed/marinated your meat the night prior to cooking, then cleaned & started the smoker before tossing it in!

One more quick pic before we shut the door and let the smoking commence!

Look at that smoke do its magic!!

Meanwhile, you've got time to get the rest of the ingredients ready!
You'll need some eloté, roots, tubers, and beef schmaltz w/ stock!

Awww, yeahhhh!!!   I love me some corn on the cob!!!

We're gonna need at least this much beef schmaltz & stock!
You do have some frozen from the last time you made roast beast, right?!?!

Give 'em a rinse, damnit!

Hack & whack all the veggies into reasonable size chunks!

I kept it simple and stuck to just these ingredients, but feel free to make substitutions at your discretion!

Toss them into the pressure cooker when the meat is just about done smoking!

Hell yeah!  This is looking good now!!!

After about 2.5 hrs, the smoke has infused a TON of great flavor into the meat!

So, into the pressure cooker goes the meat! 

Ooooh, sexxxy!!!  But it looks naked!

Pour in the pre-heated schmaltz that you've been boiling on the stove!

By pre-heating the schmaltz & stock (w/ additional seasonings, of course!), you'll significantly cut down the time it takes to get the whole pot up to pressure!
Slap a lid on it and get it on the stove!  Crank it to rocket hot & then let the love happen!

Only 45 minutes after it gets to 15lbs of pressure on the guage, it'll be done!

Holy crap this looks good!  
Be carefs, yo! It's HOT!

Look at all of that beefy loveliness!
Go grab some of the pasta you made while the pressure cooker was doin' it to it!
You did make pasta, didn'tcha?!? 

Oooh baby!  Now THIS is how beef stew is done right!
Keep in mind that the spuds will remain lava-hot for what seems like an eternity!
Always, always, always make twice as much as you think you'll need because the leftovers are so good you'll be eating happily and heartily for days!
Also, be sure to bring some to work to share.... or just to make your Lean-Cuisine-eating co-workers super jealous! 

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