Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Homemade-ish Pizza!!

OMG!!!  Nothin' beats a bigass, bubblin'-hot pizza right outta the oven, especially when you're famished after a long day of GSD!!  Scope out the pie I whipped up the other night for BFC!!

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Get your shit together!! Tonight, we're makin' a homemade-ish pizza!!!
You're gonna need: One take-n-bake pepperoni pizza from Sam's, one Sam's Club rotisserie chicken, some onion, a green pepper, parmesan, and a half-lb of mozz/asiago/parm/romano shredded blend!
First, yank all the 'roni off of the pizza & dice it!  Chop up the pepper & onions, then get to rippin' the meat off that chicken!  Don't forget to hydrate as you work! :)

Oh yeah!!  Don't forget the bacon!

Cook up that bacon first, but don't ditch the drippings!
Rough-cut that bacon when it's done, yo!

Now, toss a lb or so of chicken in the bacon fat and add some garlic & herb seasoning!
For those of you balking at the thought of doing this.... you shouldn't be eating pizza if you're trying to be healthy!  :)

I *love* this stuff!!  I use it on everything!
(Please note! Clicking on an Amazon ad in my blog will give me a small kickback if you end up buying something! Thanks!!! )

Stir it up and get it sizzlin!

Cook up that pepperoni and set it aside!
Hang on to the drippings...

...so that you can saute up the peppers & onion to make the love happen!

Be carefs, yo!  Don't over-do them!  In fact, it's better to have them under-done bec they will finish up in the oven!

Looks like we've got everything ready to rock!

POW!  That's how it's done!
Note: I left 1/3rd of this pizza w/o peppers & onions bec it's hard to get Guba to eat his veggies! :)

The BFC Crew was out back hangin' out playing Can Jam while I whipped up the pie!

After chucking all of the toppings on, hit it hard w/ some grated parmesan!

Only thing left to do is toss another half a pound of a mozzarella blend on top!
You did pre-heat the oven, right?!?



Look at all that ooey-gooey real estate!

Mmmmmmm, un-cut pizza is SEXY!!


Of that whole pizza, I only got one small piece!
The BFC Crew was hungry this evening!

So, it's a good thing that I fired up the fryer and made some teriyaki wings and parmesan crinkle-cut fries!

Guba couldn't wait to pounce on these babies!  :)

So!  If you want a damn fine pizza that feeds 6 people that doesn't cost a fortune, then you should get yourself a take-n-bake from Sam's and kick it up a notch!  I certainly got no complaints!
In fact, Guba shot me a note the next day letting me know that this had been the best pie he'd ever had!
How friggin' cool is that?! :D

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