Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fire-Roasted Red Peppers!!

Though it may seem like a waste of perfectly good peppers, fire-roasting them in this manner yields awesome results!  Read on for more details!

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Grab 4 of your loveliest bell peppers! It's time to scorch 'em!

You're gonna need some lube and a set of fondlers!

Hit 'em w/ the lubricant, then plunk one down on each burner!

This can also be done right on the grill!
  Unf, the day I did this, it was only 40° out & I was out of propane!

Oh yeah!  Check out those sexy peppers!

Nearly half way done!

Don't wander off too far!! You'll wanna rotate them as each section of the skin gets scorched!

Making progress!

The lube helps the process happen a little quicker, but it makes them a little slippery!

Aww, yeah!  Look at the love going on here!

Damn near done!

Ok, finally!
When the majority of the skin is black and the peppers soften up a bit, they are finished!

Toss 'em in a big plastic bowl!

It's now time to clean these suckers up!

Grab a roll of paper towel or a clean rag & squoosh them about gently to wipe all of the burnt skin off!

This is what they'll look like when you're done!

The skinless peppers are cooked nicely and contain their own juices, if you've managed not to puncture them!

One more sexy pic!

So, what are we havin' w/ these nicely roasted peppers?!?

How 'bout pulled pork w/ fire-roasted red peppers & sauteed onions with a Tex-Mex Chili-lime kick?
Sure, why not?!  After all, it is was Valentine's Day and I had a table reserved for one. 
Me. :)  Might as well eat like a king, right?!

I started by defrosting a 2lb pkg of pulled pork that I had made in a previous episode!
Once it was thawed just enough to break up, I tossed it into a pan w/ the remaining half of the beer I had happened to be drinking at the time!  I let it steam until the pork was very happy and convinced of my good intentions. 

After ditching the guts and draining the juice into the pan w/ the pork, I was ready to hack up the peppers.

They look a lot better w/o all that burnt shit on 'em, no?! :)

I gotta get to work!  Foolin' around taking all these pics is making this take forever!

This looks about right!



Lights, camera...


Sweat these babies for a few minutes while you go grab another brewski!

When you come back, they should look like POW!

Ok!! Time to chuck it all into one pan!

Mix it up and sample it!!  You'll likely want to make a few adjustments!

Add more Adobo seasoning and/or add a bit of fresh ground black pepper!

Don't forget to hit it w/ the Shit Yeah! sauce!

When it is too tempting to keep from picking at, it's done!

Plate it up & hit it w/ some lime!

The only thing left to do is nuke a few tortillas!
From here, I could have just as easily tossed this on some Doritos, added a little mozz, and broiled up a plate of nachos, but it was already 10:30pm and I was starving!
Happy (belated) Valentine's Day everyone!

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