Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cowboy-Style Chicken Veggie Soup!

Well, the Soup Season has finally come to a close, but not without making one last bigass batch of Cowboy-style Chicken & Veggie Soup! Check it out!

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Get the fire started!  Tonight we're makin' Cowboy-style Chicken & Veggie Soup!

Jump-start the pressure cooker by bringing the carcasses of two birds to a boil in a big pot with some soup seasonings!  Check out a previous post to see what goes in the pot!

Get your pressure cooker ready for action!

Make sure you have the grate in the bottom so that you don't scorch anything!

Dump in the preheated soup makin's!

Look at all those lovely bones!

Some people just ditch the bones, but we know better, right?!

Grab more water and top off the pressure cooker!

Each carcass makes a gallon and a half, so you'll end up with 3 gallons or so from this batch!

Give it one last stir and hit it with more seasonings if necessary!

Get the lid on it and crank that heat!

Time to get everything else ready!

You did remember to make the pasta, right?!

Looks like the guys have kept the fire going nicely!

Whack up some peppers, why not!

Oh, what's that?  I didn't mention that I'm also making fajitas??  Well, of course I am!

Time to prep the chicken!

The soup stock should be done by now!

Make sure you've got a good hot bed of coals to cook on!

...And hungry people to eat with ya!

Springer certainly looks hungry!

The chicken is hacked, lubed, and ready to go!
Make sure you've got a few limes and your tortillas on-hand!

Time to prep the hibachi!
I let it get nice and hot, then I hit it w/ some water and scrape the crappola into the holes at the edges!

Sorry, no action shots of the fajita meat & peppers cooking!
With this bigass hibachi, things cook really fast!

In fact, the hibachi grill was so hot that I burned the hell outta these tortillas in just the few seconds it took me to take this shot! Oh well, I had plenty!

Time to grill up the meat and veggies for the soup!

Stir it and fry it up until it's all sizzling!

I kept the meat and veggies separate until the meat was nearly finished cooking, just to be safe.

Once the meat & veg are nice and hot, chuck the pasta in with it!

Toss it around and hit this big sexy pile of soup makin's w/ some lube!

Serve it up with a ladle-full of hot soup stock and get to chowing down!

The 2013-14 Soup Season has been a long, long, cold one!
Though I'm happy that the warm weather is finally here, I'm a little bummed that I won't be schlurping down soup for the next few months!  Oh well... Fall will be here soon enough anyway! :) 

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