Monday, April 21, 2014

Cowboy-Style Chili Stir Fry!!

Who says stir fry has to have an Asian flavor to it?!?  Not I!  For this reason, I decided to create what I now call Cowboy-Style Chili Stir Fry!!  Check it out!

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This evening's ingredients!
1lb Elbow mac, 1 orange and 1 yellow chopped bell pepper, half a bigass onion -- chopped, approx 16 oz frzn corn, 1.5 lbs pre-made pulled pork, 2 cans of diced tomatoes, veg oil , garlic & herb seasoning, crushed red pepper, and one packet of Tex-Mex Chili Seasoning from McCormick!

Gather everything you'll need so it's all ready to go when the coals are ready!

You did remember to start the fire, right?!?

Though this was convenient to have next to the 10x20...

I thoroughly regretted having this so close bec several small bits of airborne ash melted holes in the canopy cover!! ARRRG!!! Now I've got to buy a new one.... :(

Make sure you've got your grill ready!

This fire is getting there!  Make sure you gather the last of the things you will need to get the cooking done!

Other items that will come in handy:  A bottle of water for sterilizing/steam cleaning the grill, paper towels, chef's spatulas (2), a bigass lid to help steam things, a scraper (if you have one!).

This is looking good!  Don't wait too long or you'll end up having to add wood and wait until it turns to coals!

Tossing a few ounces of water on the grill at a time will steam clean it and allow you to scrape the crud off it into the fire below!

Once it's all clean, lube it up and then toss on the veggies!
A few minutes later, you'll want to put the pulled pork on there to heat up too!

When the veggies aren't quite done and the meat is nearly hot, move them aside and make room to fry up the pasta!  Be sure to lube the grill well and not let them sit still too long or you'll scorch them!

Once you've got the pasta getting nice and hot, toss on both cans of diced tomatoes!
You'll also want to add the entire packet of Tex-Mex Chili Seasonings as well as any additional garlic & herb seasonings you think it might need!

Stir vigorously until the spices are evenly distributed!
Don't be afraid to drizzle on more lube if things are getting dry or sticky!
 (Before removing it from the grill, duh!)
Don't leave it on there for more than a minute or two after adding the spices or you'll burn it!

At this point, it was just before 10pm and I was STARVING!
For this reason, I only managed to snap this last pic before diving in and stuffing my face!
I meant to get a pic of this cowboy-style chili stir fry all nicely plated-up, but I was too busy down-chowing to have gotten a picture!  I assure you that this was a very tasty twist on what might otherwise have been just another boring variation of chili!  I'm made a ton and it should feed me well for the week at work!
This is certainly something that I will consider whipping up the next time I go camping!

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