Monday, April 28, 2014

Check Out My Huge Log (Pile)!!

What a busy week!!  I needed a favor from Springer, so I signed on to help Diamond Jim split up some maple that he had taken down just the day before! Check out how we knocked this out in a hurry!

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Diamond Jim (Whitney's dad) had a little over one chord of wood hacked off the maple trees around his house and needed help getting it all split & stacked! There was more piled up off to the right of this pic too!

Springer enlisted me to lend a hand getting this wood split bec I have an awesome 27 ton log splitter!

For some crazy reason, I love splitting wood!

When Springer mentioned that Jim needed some help, I immediately signed-on for the chore in exchange for Jay coming over this coming weekend to help me get my boat cleaned up!!

This was just the beginning of what ended up being a rather large pile of nicely-split sugar maple!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you none other than Danny Voll!!
Here he is, workin' hard watchin' me workin' hard! Haha! :)

Jaybird was instrumental in getting the wood hauled and stacked as Jim and I got it split!

Danny did a good job helping by cleaning up all of the smaller branches laying all over the yard!
(You can see him in the back-center of this pic!)

Jim manned the hydraulic press switch while I aligned the wood to be asplitterated!  :D

We managed to knock out the whole job in only 4 hours!! Not bad, eh?!?

Diamond Jim even sent me home w/ a little souvenir for all my trouble!

This was what the main wood pile looked like when we were just about done stacking split logs!
There was also another rack of wood, plus the stuff that Jim had given to me and Danny to take home!
Based on the rough numbers, I approximated that there was just over on full chord (4x4x8ft) of wood that we split! Not bad for only 4 hrs!

As it turns out, Springer's dad needed some help a few days later cutting down a pine tree that had partially fallen in the last wind storm!

Jay & I let Mr.'s Springer and Voll take the lead while we cleaned up what they cut into manageable pieces!
He and I loaded up the trailer bec Mr. Voll didn't need all the wood and I could use it in my firepit! 

I brought the pine tree back in 4ft sections, then hacked it up into 18 inch logs for splitting!

I also kept just a few of the branches to use as kindling to get the fire going!

Meh, this little baby stack of pine should take no time at all!

Pow!  Done in 40 min, maybe less!



Below is a shot of my growing pile of wood restricted for use indoors this coming fall and winter!
You'll notice that this contains the maple from Jim and the birch from the Neighbs, but not the pine from Mr. Springer!  This is bec the pine contains far too much creosote-building sap and resin to be good for burning inside!  I've set the pine aside under the other pine tree (not pictured!) reserved only for wood to be burned exclusively outside (like pine and cut-up pallets!).  Now, just another pile of good wood this size and I'll have enough to get me through the coming winter! WooHoo! I've got a good start on it so far this year! 

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