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Chicken Veggie Soup!! -- 01-15-2014

Damn, it's cold out there!! How 'bout a bigass bowl of Chicken Veggie soup to warm you up?!  Click here to see how it's made!

Homemade chicken soup should always start w/ a whole bird!
I like using a rotisserie chicken from Sam's Club because they have a lot of great flavor already roasted into the meat!

So, what are ya waitin' for?!  Get to pulling apart that bird!

You did remember to get two pots of water on the boil, right?!
What's the 2nd one for?! The noods, yo!  Duh!! :-)

Now, this is a properly disassembled chicken!
Do NOT ditch anything!  It's all going to be put to good use!

Toss all of the meat into a freezer bag!

Throw all of the bones/skin/scrap into a pile!

Be sure to save the juices that came w/ the rotisserie chicken!
They are super savory and impart a TON of flavor to the soup stock!

Now that we've got it all separated, we can move on to the next step!

Throw all of the scraps and the drippings into the pot of hot water that you had started earlier!

Remember the goochie container that you had the last batch of leftover soup in to take w/ you to work for lunch?  Well, it's still got all of that lovely schmaltz in it! Let's not let it go to waste!
This stuff is worth its weight in GOLD! Trust me!

A coupla ladles of hot water from the pot oughta liquefy the congealed schmaltz so you can more easily get it into the stock pot!

See all that golden goodness?!?  That's the schmaltz when it is liquefied!
Definitely throw this into the stock pot if you have some leftover from last week's batch of soup!

Ok, we've got the bird in the pot, but chicken and water alone does not a soup stock make! 

Tonight's starting lineup!  Chicken seasoning blends with an accompaniment of garlic, onion, Lawry's...

...and, of course, carrots!!

Don't forget the black pepper!

Now it's startin' to look like stock!
Lid it and let it simmer!

Simmer it foreves, but make sure you stir it once in a while!

Don't forget to taste it so that you can make adjustments to the seasonings as necessary!

Once it's done simmering, let it cool off a bit!

Grab a bowl for the crap that will be discarded!

A spider will come in handy too!

Scoop out as much of the shit floating in the stock as possible!

I like to run my stock through a fine screen filter (mesh collander) to remove any small bits of bone that may be lingering after the initial clean-out.  At this point, you can portion the stock out and freeze it, or continue onward and make it into soup!

We're makin' veggie soup tonight!

Into the pot go the veggies!

Back in the pot goes the stock!

Crank up the heat and get those veggies hot!
Don't forget to make your noods, yo!

Adding a can of diced tomatoes to the soup gives it richness and a greater depth of flavor!
Plus, 'maters are good fer ya! :)

Time to pull out the big rig!

Prep the root veggies by hackin' off the ends and givin' them a rinse!

Much better!

Neighbs!! Don't touch that!

You're gonna get cut, yo! 

Pretty damn cool, huh??

Now those are some good lookin' sliced carrots! 

Slowly, the Neighbs realizes pics are being taken!

This was a series of pics that I took in rapid succession that Google stitched automatically into this little GIF!

Moar carrots!

Chicken soup needs a ton of carrots!

Lookin' good, huh??

Give it a stir and let it simmer for just a few more min!

Don't forget to taste-test it after you add veggies to see if it needs more salt & pepper!

Cooper's been waiting patiently for his own big bowl of soup!
Too bad even good dogs don't get any chicken veggie soup!!
I only made a little over a gallon, so this will be just enough to feed me for the first few days this week!!
Gotta love a big ol' bowl of homemade soup on cold days like the ones we've had lately!

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