Friday, January 10, 2014

Heat-N-Eat Pulled Pork!!

What's better than having pulled pork for dinner??  Not having to do any more than heat it up to eat it!! The trick is to make a ton ahead of time! Click here to find out how!

Pulled Pork doesn't just show up on your plate magically!
It's Sunday, you've got a few minutes to spare and enough energy to burn, so why NOT make 11lbs of pulled pork!

Grab your favorite rubs and seasonings!  Instead of reinvent the wheel, I use McCormick Slow Cooker Seasonings!

I get my meat in bulk at great prices at the Restaurant Depot!

11bls of pork @ $1.65lb!  This was the best $20 I've spent lately!

Now that we've got our shit together, let's get cookin'!

The pork sirloins are a bit large and can be difficult to flip without splashing au jus everywhere, so I hack 'em into more manageable pieces!

Mmm... pork!

They don't have to be cut up too small.  Just enough to increase the surface area and make them easier to deal with!

Into a garbage bag they go!
(Did you know that garbage bags are naturally sterile because of the way in which they are mfr'd?? Well, ya do now!)

I double-bag this precious cargo because I've had single bags rip resulting in the catastrophic loss of meat!

Damn that looks good!  It's naked though! Time to get some seasonings in there!
At this point, you'll add as much as needed to thoroughly and evenly coat the meat.
If you've got the time to spare, you should throw this in the fridge overnight to let the love happen!
From this point, you can choose whether you want to smoke them in a smoker unit or bake them in the oven!

It's f@ckin' freezing out there right now, so I'm going to slow-cook these in the oven!

Looking good, but what's it need?!?  Lube!

I tossed a beer in there to loosen up the pork party a little!

Oh man, I'm getting excited!  
Preheat that oven to 350° while you finish prepping!

The only thing left to do is add any last minute seasonings and then wrap it up tight in foil!

2.5 hrs later, the house smells amazing and the meat is done!

Have I mentioned how much I love pork???

Give it a bit to cool off....

It just so happened that I bought pork sirloin, which has just the perfect amount of inter-muscular fat to make it good w/o being too full of fatty chunks like a pork butt (shoulder) can be!

Yank them out of the juice if you want them to cool off quicker!

Spread them out a  bit to get them to a manageable temp even faster!

F@ckin' A!  Looks like the big fella is getting excited too! 
Dude started singin' and playin' the gut drum when I pulled the meat out of the oven!
Now that's some enthusiasm!!!!  TanSanta, you rock, bro!

Just about cool enough to handle!

Lookin' good, huh?!

Sexy close-up!

Another sexy close-up!
At this point, I put on some gloves and got busy shreddin!

Into a bowl it goes as you work your way through the batch!
ALWAYS make DOUBLE (if not more!) pulled pork than you need so you can freeze some for later!!

Try to get the larger chunks of fat out of it and rip the rest up into reasonable-size pieces!

I probably ate this much while I was pulling it apart bec it was sooo tasty!

Once you've got it all pulled apart, it's time to bag and tag it!
I toss approx 2 lbs of meat into each bag so I can freeze them for easy use later!

Soon, very soon, there will come an evening when you get home late from work, are beat from the long week and long hours, & the last thing you want to do is cook.  Fear not, for you've prepared for such an occasion by having made a mountain of pulled pork and frozen it for later consumption!  Simply defrost a bag in the nukerator while you pour up a G&T, then heat the meat in a pan until it is sizzlin' before adding your favorite BBQ sauce!  I like mine "naked" bec the meat comes out so well!
Only thing to do is shove it into a meat delivery device to usher it into your facehole!
Sometimes, I use tortillas, other times mini sub buns!  Once in a while, I get crazy w/ it and make pulled pork nachos like my ancestors have been doing for tens of thousands of years!! They're unbelievable!  You should try making some!  Either way, enjoy that low-effort Heat-N-Eat pulled pork!!!

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