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Not Enough Time in the Day!! -- 11-19-2013

OMG!! I've been FAR too busy with chores preparing for the on-coming winter lately and I'm starting to burn out on it!!  I've not had time to post anything bec of it!  See what I've been up to by clicking here!

As yet another calendar year wanes, I find myself in a daily struggle to make good use of the last few remaining minutes of daylight left after exceedingly trying day at work.  I'm very much thankful for the vacation time I have forthcoming and am looking forward to NOT doing chores day after day.  Maybe, just maybe, on my vacation I'll actually get to f@&k off entirely and play a video game for the first time in nearly a year! :)

Until then, back to work for me...

The boat needed to be winterized before the snow hit, so building a boat fort has been a major priority over the past few days.  I built this A-frame shelter entirely in the damn dark because the sun goes MIA just after 5pm this time of year in Michigan.

This was the result of 45 minutes of effort trying to cover the structure well-enough to endure the elements.

The Neighbs helped me double-over 4 tarps (making 8 layers) of plastic under which the boat would reside for the winter.

Looks, half-way decent, eh?  We'll see just how effective it is during the next 24 hrs!
60 MPH winds predicted for the very same day I managed to get this covered. 
Yay.  Lovely Michigan weather.  I can't tell you how sick of it I am and winter has yet to begin!

I used the 100x20ft tarp (folded a million times or so) to cover the pig roaster.

A little pallet wrap from a leftover roll from work ought to do the trick!
Keep in mind, the enormity of each tarp (8 total) means it took us 1.5hrs alone just to fold them!

We placed a few tarps strategically on the deck above the walk-out in the basement in an effort to keep an area clear of drippage from the rain.  8 layers (2 tarps quartered and stacked) still wasn't enough to prevent the area under the deck from dripping.   This is the 4th iteration of attempting to prevent leaks and obviously not the last. Profoundly annoying.  :( 

We managed to get the 10x20 moved during BFC Night when there were enough dudes present to lift/move it w/o taking it all apart!

Now it needs the sides attached and anchors set in the ground so it doesn't blow away!
It only took me another 3 hours of messing around to accomplish this. 
If it didn't mean not having to remove snow from the hot tub prior to each use in the winter, I wouldn't have bothered going through all of this trouble!

Now that the tub will be properly covered, it won't be getting nearly as many leaves falling into it and crappin' up the filters!  So, that means that it is time to power wash them one more time before the snow hits!

If I'm gonna pull out the power washer, I might as well do all of the pwr washing that needs to be done, right?!  That means that I've got 3 coolers and 8 spa filters (5 of mine shown below, 3 of The Neighbs) to clean!

This is the setup for power washing a spa filter!  The rod holds the filter in place, while the tray allows it to spin when you hit it just right!

Get a load of how clean they come out!  Why would anyone replace these at $50+ each?? 

They looked fairly gnarsty (yes "gnarsty") before I used the water wand!

Loads better, eh???  
It's a good thing bec that hot tub is callin' my name!

It's gettin' dark out!  Time to get some lights up in here!

Fortunately, The Neighbs & Cooper have been quite industrious little helpers lately!

Oh yeah, there's still a ton of oak left to split!
I better get it knocked out while the weather doesn't totally suck ass!! :)

First, we whacked up the longer logs into manageable pieces, then we split the remainder!

Now, that's some nice lookin' wood, eh?!

Remember when I cut these for the trailer the other day??
Of course not!  I haven't had a chance to post pics online in ages!
My bad. 

These are the boards that we cut up so that we could build sides for the trailer!

As you can tell, Guba looks thrilled to be roped into helping me with this!

Only an hournahalf later and we've got it done!

Not too shabby, huh?!

Contrary to popular belief, the sides can be flipped upside down and inside out and they still fit in the slots!

The sides are easily removed when not needed, but I have a feeling that I'll be getting plenty of good use out of them!

When seated on the back of the trailer, I've found that the lower side board is the perfect height for an elbow-rest and that the top side board, when standing, is perfect for leanin' on while huckin' on a brewski w/ the guys!

A few straps are all I need to be able to haul a whole shitload of stuff now!
It's gettin' late and I'm gettin' hungry! What's for dinner!?

Heat-N-Eat baby back ribs??
(You remember these, right?!)

20 min in the toaster oven on broil, then tossed in a mixing bowl with sesame seeds, teriyaki & soy sauce, and a sesame oil!  Damn these came out awesome!
Esp, after all that screwin' around I've been doin' outdoors!

Remember that storm w/ 60 mph winds that I mentioned??
Umm, yeah... well, this is how the A-frame looked again after that storm passed through!
Fortunately enough, the 10x20 didn't fly off to Never-Never Land!
It did take us another hour of fartin' around to get the damn thing covered again though! UGH!
This time, I put more weighted reinforcement (not shown) on it to keep the tarps in place! 
We'll just have to wait and see how well it holds up to this lovely Michigan winter!

On a side note: I (quite obviously) need help getting all these damn chores done! 
If you know some cute, young, eligible women who would like to lend me a hand, let me know!  
I pay well in beer and food! :)

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