Monday, October 14, 2013

Pork Diamonds!!

Pork Diamonds!!  One bite of these and you'll agree that they are worth their weight in gold!  Click here to scope out my very own culinary creation!

Grab some pork! We're makin' diamonds tonight!!

This is approx. 6 lbs of boneless pork chops from Sam's Club, but you can also whack up a whole loin instead!

Trim the excess fat off the meat!

Hey Neighbs!  Can you grab me another brewski?!  My hands are all porky!

These are lookin' good!

Save the trimmings for your favorite pooch!

Grab a chop and get to choppin'!

These are about the size you need!

With just two precise cuts, your little logs of pork transform into diamonds!

Slice 'em one way,...

...then flip 'em, turn 'em, & slice 'em the other way!

Easy-peasy, huh?!

Don't sweat it if they aren't perfectly symmetrical!

Toss them into a bag when after you've cut them!

I  had enough to do 2 x 2.5 lb bags... an additional bag of mini-nugs for yours truly to eat that night for dinner!

Everyone ready?!  Looks like it!

Shit! I'm running low on olive oil!

Tonight's starting line-up!

Don't forget just to add just a lil bit of sugar!

Into a spice container they all go!

Shake it up, then taste it to see if it needs adjustment!

Toss it in each bag with some of the olive oil, then squoosh it around!

Neighbs!!  How 'bout fetchin' another beer for me?! 
Obv, he was rather riveted to the Wings game!

Burp your bags, then seal them up!


Two tblspns of butter oughta do it!

Fire 'em in there when the pan is hot!

These could also have been deep fried instead but, bec I wasn't feeding a crowd that night, I decided to just saute them up!

Coming along nicely!

Now would have been a good time to get side dishes made, but I kept it simple and just stuck to pork this evening!

Nearly finished!


OMG, it took all my will power to take pics and not just dive into this pile of pork head first!

Excellent pork, crappy lighting!

How 'bout a sammich, why not!?

Pass the Shit Yeah! sauce!  It's time for me to eat!

24 hrs later.... I'm ready to do some deep fryin' for BFC!

Let's get this party started!

Scramble that egg in a bowl, then toss in the pork and mix it up a bit.
Toss a few of the pork diamonds in your breader on top of a thin layer of your favorite breading!

If you are still breading things like my grandmother (by hand & making a bunch of messy dishes), you are still doing it the hard way!!  This is one of the best things you could buy to make your life easier when breading anything!  I use mine all the time for chicken, pork, shrimp, and fresh-cut fries!

Be careful not to over-crowd the pork diamonds!
Doing less at once may mean more batches, but the breading adheres far better when they have room to roll around in it!

Don't forget to keep an eye on your fryer!
Your pierogies are done when the first one starts to burst!  Same goes for cheese sticks!

Sprinkle on another thin layer of breading, then close it & shake it!

Flip it, shake the excess breading back into the bottom gently, then open the breader!

The whole breading process is reduced to a few minutes instead of eons & eons w the old school dunk-n-dip-n-flip-n-flip-n-ugh-club-hands method! 

Not 5 seconds were they on the rack and the pile was being attacked!
Had to take pics quick before they were gone!

Seasoned fries, bacon-n-cheddar pierogies, and pork diamonds!

Oooh baby!!  Good thing I have more to make!

Next batch!

If the breading in the unit gets a bit clumpy, it won't stick well.  Ditch it and use fresh breading if necessary!  Trust me, you'll get better results than if you were to just add more to what is in there!
Add breading somewhat sparingly and you will go through far less.
You could also toss these back in the egg, squoosh them around, then back for another round in the breader if you really wanna go nuts with it!

When they are done frying, toss them about in the basket while you hit 'em w some garlic salt!


OMG!  Where's the swaaace to dip 'em in?!
I have a tray of condiments containing: Ketchup, Mustard, Teriyaki, Shit Yeah!, & Unagi (sushi bbq) sauces!
It also contains garlic salt, Lawry's Seasoned Salt, Weber's Roasted Garlic & Herb seasoning, & Blended Cheese (grated Parm, Asiago & Romano mixed)! 

2.5 lbs of pork diamonds were enough for about 4 ppl!  More if you are serving other fryables!

Is that some sexy pork or what?!

Boneless, juicy, succulent, and highly dippable!  Unbeatable!

Though they may seem like a lot of work, these pork diamonds are worth every bit of energy you put into them!  
If you don't like pork, SHAME ON YOU!!! GO ON YOUR RUG!!!
For the rest of you, have fun breading up those pork diamonds!!

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