Monday, October 14, 2013

C'mon Tigers!!

Oh man!!  What a rough loss it was for the Tigers last night!  I dozed off *just* before we yanked Sherzer and gave away an easy win! Ugh!

Hells bells, why couldn't we just close out last night's game and make the series 2-0?  I watched the first 8.5 innings of play before I dozed off in my seat sitting next to a rather comfy wood-burning stove. 

 Ugh, what a disappointment to find that we ended up giving away what would have otherwise been a win just because our closers couldn't do the one thing for which they were responsible!  Garbage.  

One thing is for sure... the Tigers better start putting more lumber on the ball if they hope to play in the World Series!

Oh yeah, one last thing!  My apologies for the extended absence and lack of new content!  I've been traveling for work and pleasure and have just returned to a more normal schedule.  Stay tuned for new content!    -- Steve

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