Thursday, September 19, 2013

Open-Face Loose Meat Sammiches!! -- 09-18-2013

Loose meat sammiches are delicious & can be made any one of a billion ways!  Simply whip up a batch of burger meat & add your favorite sauce! Check out just how easy this is to make!

This ain't the 1950's, so we're not gonna cook this ground beef until we've transmogrified it into burger!
If you still buy ground beef and cook it w/o doctoring it up, shame on you!  Go on your rug!!

One heuvo per 5 lbs of meat!  Trust me on this!

Grab the rest of your burger-makin' gear!  Let's get this project rolling!

Savory-up your burger meat by adding a few tablespoons of beef soup base (bouillon) per 5 lbs of ground beef!

Keep it simple for your burger meat unless you have a specific purpose in mind that calls for a special set of seasonings for which this burger is intended! (i.e. adding fresh basil for mostaccioli meat, or spinach and asiago for meatballs!)

In this particular case, I stuck with just garlic salt and beef bouillon so that it can be used with whichever sauce I am in the mood for at the time I pull it out of the freezer!

Make sure you mix it well to evenly distribute the seasonings!

Lookin' good, huh??  Why would anyone want to cook & add plain ground beef to any recipe when the flavor of the meat can so easily be enhanced by the magic dust called seasonings!

This is half of the entire batch of burger because there was simply too much to cook all at once!

Whatever you do, -- don't -- chop it up into teeny-tiny little bits like Grandma used to!!
We have teeth for a reason -- chewing!  No need to make burger that doesn't need to be chewed because it's been cooked to death into itty-bitty crumbles!

Patience, grasshopper!  Put a lid on it and let it cook!

Getting there! 


Now we're cookin' w gas!

Some of you may have noticed the large quantity of fat in the pan!
This is 80/20 beef!  Sure, you could get 90/10 beef -- if you like eating dry burger that isn't nearly as savory as it could be!  Trust me, go with the 80/20 unless you are on a very restricted diet!

Just about done!  Time to get rid of the excess fat!

Much better!

Use the lid to do what you can to drain off whatever fat pours off easily!  Don't kill yourself trying to get every last drop though!  This is burger meat, so if you are that worried about fat, then you shouldn't be eating it to begin with!  Time to try a chunk or two and see if it needs...

...Moar seasoning!

Hit it w whatever you think it needs!

Fresh ground black pepper? Sure! More garlic salt? Why not?!  
At this point, you could also transform it into Sloppy Joe meat! 
Simply add the packet of seasonings and a can of tomato paste w a bit of water and let it simmer!

Toast up some little buns!  The meat is nearly finished cooking!

I chose to leave this meat naked because we couldn't agree on which sauce to put on it!

Served up naked like this or tossed in sauce and fired up a little in the skillet -- either way this pile of meat will be a crowd-pleaser!  Don't expect a pile of this size to last long though!  This was just enough to feed 3 hungry dudes!

Mmmm, I like mine w a buncha Shit Yeah! sauce (sriracha) on it!

We had a variety of sauces from which to pick!
Teriyaki & Unagi (sushi) sauces are awesome on loose meat!
What is your favorite way to make it?!  

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