Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Deep Fried Turkey on Labor Day!! -- 09-02-2013

Why would I wait until Thanksgiving to deep fry a turkey when I could very easily do one on Labor Day?!  Take a peek at the way this tasty poultry came out!

Let's face it, we all know what a thawed turkey looks like!
For that reason, I didn't bother to take any pics of the thawing and prepping process!
I didn't have anyone there to shoot the pics for me and it would have taken 3x as long to get the job done, so I said "Screw it!".

By this point, I had thoroughly rinsed the thawed turkey, then cut off the wings to cook separately later on!
While I was doing this and trimming the excess fat from the bird, I had the fryer heating up!

Into the oil it goes!  Always make sure that the turkey is dried of any excess water to avoid causing splatters and spurts of hot oil!

I just so happened to have seen this turkey offered up on to whomever wanted it, so I jumped on this opportunity for a free bird!  The woman said her husband wanted her to make it or get rid of it, so it seems that I'm the one who lucked out instead of her hubby!

Even the biggest birds only take 45 minutes in my deep fryer if it is properly heated up to temp before throwing it in there!  Keep a lid on it, but try not to get burned by the steam when you open it!

Always make sure your deep fryer has plenty of space at the top because the oil can foam up when cooking a whole turkey or chicken.  If it overflows, it would make a huge mess and, potentially, start your whole house on fire! 

After what seems to have been the longest 45 minutes ever, this bird looks done!

When the meat pulls back from the legbones and the legs want to separate easily from the rest of bird, it's ready to come out of the oil!

Had I left the wings attached, they would be cooked to a crisp by the time the rest of it was cooked through!

You can tell it is ready when the legs look like they are about to fall off!

Now, it's just a matter of letting it rest for 10 minutes or so!

Guba says "Lemme at that damn turkey!"

"Dood!  You've gotta wait! It's still too hot!!", The Neighbs interjects!

Ok, that's about enough waitin' around! Let's dive in!

A little bit of separation reveals that it's still too hot to mess with!

OMG, this is lookin' good!

How 'bout that for some white meat?!

There is some sexy-lookin' dark meat too!

The white meat came out perfect!
Fully-cooked, though still very moist and succulent!

Approximately 3 seconds after I took this shot, we dove in and chowed down!
This had been a 12lb bird w a price tag of $20 that I had scored for zilch!
This turkey has quite certainly been the tastiest thing that I've ever scored on Freecycle!
If I had to guess, it would have fed 6 people, tops.  This turkey came out so good that I can't wait to deep fry another one!  Anyone have a bird they want to drown in my fryer?? :-)

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