Friday, August 30, 2013

Yet Another Hot Tub Acquisition!!

So super-jealous was +Edward Byrnes when I recently scored a hot tub that I felt compelled to acquire one for him as well! Scope out how to managed to pull it off!

One of my people was kind enough to hook me up w his old hot tub for free!
I just got one recently, so I decided to hook up Eddie Byrnes!

I went over to scope it out and get a look at the layout of the yard before getting the band back together to get this sucker moved across town!

I appeared to be in good shape and, allegedly, it was running great the last time it was in use!

Nice, smooth finish on the tub!  It didn't seem to heavy either! 

Not bad for a freebie, huh?!

Now, it's just a matter of making a plan and getting a crew together to get 'er moved!

The cover is a bit waterlogged, but it's still manageable for now.

Aside from a little green growing on the side of the tub, this thing is pretty clean!

The inside just needs a little cleaning and it will be ready to go!

Pretty sweet lookin', huh?

It only took me 3 wks to find this tub for Eddie!
All I had to do was use the Force!

My friend who gave it to me just wanted it gone from the back yard so they can start re-landscaping the patio area!

He told me that the other guys he talked to about removing it wanted to cut it up!
He told them in no uncertain terms that that wasn't going to happen!

He didn't want to see the tub just go to waste, so he was hoping to come across someone like me willing to move it!

A tub this nice for free? Sure, I'll move it! :)
Anyone else out there getting rid of a decent hot tub? I've got plenty of ppl who want one!

The hot tub had been sitting unused for several years right where it is at.

There is zero access from around this side of the house!

The backyard has a stone embankment...

...and a hill that is blocked at the top by a wall of trees and an electrical junction box!

So, around the other side of the house we will go!

Looking back at the tub from further away.

This is the direction we will take the tub!

Right around the side...

...down the way..

and over a giant rock?! Hell no!

There isn't enough room to get the trailer through!

Looks like we'll have to go through the neighbors yard!
Hope they'll be cool about it!

WooHoo!!  We got the band back together again!
Call us The Hot Tub Movers wsg  Ed Sr.!
Left to right: LoLo, Toby (it was his tub), Big Ed, Little Ed, Matt Jay, and Guba Dukes!
(Of course, yours truly is behind the camera!)

We did a good ol' heave-ho and lifted the sucker straight up, at which point, Big Ed slid the trailer right under the tub!  It couldn't have gone smoother!

Just a coupla straps and we were ready to roll!

Ta-daa!! And just like that, no more hot tub!

A little love from a power washer and no one will ever know it was there!

As it turns out, the neighbors were very cool about letting us go through their yard!

This thing was surprisingly easy to maneuver around while it was on the trailer! We had no trouble pushing it around the side of the house and out to the car!  I was very surprised just how easy it was!

We grabbed the stairs and the cover and tossed them in, then hit the road!

Next thing ya know, we're at Byrnes's's's lifting this sucker off the trailer and sliding it into place!

+Edward Byrnes has decided, at least for the time being, to keep it right in the garage!
This allows him to easily hook it up to the breaker panel, have it in a private spot, and keep it out of the forthcoming snow and shitty weather!  Most importantly, his beer fridge is only arm's-length away!
How awesome is that!?

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