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Soakin' & Sippin' Suds in the New Hot Tub!! -- 08-02-2013

The Brewster Roadhouse finally has a new 6-person spa!  Get a load of what it took to get it moved and hooked up!

After the last jacuzzi died, I had my people keeping an eye for a replacement for me!
The other day, my buddy Keith put me in touch with John, a very nice guy who just so happened to want his hot tub removed!  I checked it out and let him know that I was up to the challenge!
Read on to see how we managed to get 'er moved!

This gigantic tub of hot water, shown above, did not just magically appear in my back yard!
I had to get a crew of 6 dudes together to get it moved from Troy to Rochester Hills!

For several years, this tub sat drained & unused!
I'll gladly give it a home where it will get plenty of use!!

The cover was the only thing that wasn't in good condition!
Over time, it has absorbed at least 200lbs of water, but I've already scored a brand spankin' new replacement from someone on!

Aside from just a bit of rainwater and dirt that had found its way in, the tub was in great shape!

This 6-person tub from Hot Springs Portable Spas is the largest one they make!

With just a little cleaning, it will be back to its original glory!

This thing has dozens of jets of various sorts!

Allegedly, this big bastard is a "portable spa".

We'll soon see just how portable it really is!

One side of the deck was completely enclosed in railing.

This side of the yard didn't leave much room for sneaking the tub through!

Fortunately, the deck had nice, wide stairs!

This shouldn't be too damn difficult, right?!

Naw, of course not!  
It's just a matter of getting enough guys together to get 'er done!

A little assistance from a brand new winch from Harbor Freight will certainly help the moving process!

The height of the trailer seemed to line up well w/ the deck!
We actually pulled it away so that the weight of the tub on the trailer wouldn't get it stuck on the top stair.

Our plan was to roll the tub on to the pallet using the 3 inch PVC pipe that I brought w/ me!
This ended up working flawlessly!

Before we moved this sucker one inch, I decided that we could do without the 100 lbs of rain water that was in it!  We drained it, then slid the pipe under the tub w/o much trouble!

This shitty video was shot by yours truly as I was trying to do too many things at once (operate a winch and a camera at the same damn time!).  I had to cut the video off and just get the job done.
Anyone know any 6 ft tall(ish), gorgeous, female photographers/videographers that want an internship working at!  Send all applications to Steve at!! ;-)

Without much trouble, we managed to pull the tub on the pallet onto the trailer!
Notice the wrench we used to keep the winch cable from pulling through the wood?  It worked like a charm!

"Hey Steve!"
"Yes, other Steve?"
"Do you think two tie-down straps is enough?!"
"For damn sure! Let's roll!"

Tally ho!

Back 'er on up!
Now, at this point, we managed to pull out of the back yard and drive this big bad tub home!
Check back soon for a video shot from Schertzer's truck as he followed me up Crooks road!

Phew!  Back at the Brewster Roadhouse safe and sound!!

Time to pull 'er 'round back!

Watch out! Comin' through!

Are we gonna fit?!

Hell yeah!  No problemo!

Using a ramp of sorts, I managed to throw the Envoy into reverse in 4WD and get it up over the landscaping when I took a good run at it!

Well, now it's a matter of getting a few guys on the back as counterweight...

... to allow us to get the front end to lift up so we could slide it backwards into position!

This was a pretty steep incline for such a large/heavy load!

The Envoy didn't seem to struggle much to get it up the ramp though!

Now the only thing left to do is slide it back and on to the cement behind it!

At this point, the Envoy and trailer were beached upon the ramp and it began to downpour, so we took a break to go make some grub and drink some beer!

The evening before, I had rubbed the babyback ribs in seasoning and let them chill over night in the fridge!

This contraption was brought over by Schertzer on loan from his friend so that we can scope it out and determine if we are interested in getting one for ourselves!

It's called the Orion Cooker! Simply put the meat and wood chips for smoking inside, then close it up and dump a bunch of lit charcoal around it and in the reservoir on top, then leave it go for a few hours!

The Neighbs did a great job supervising the entire hot tub moving operation!

2 hrs later, the ribs are fallin' off the bones!

I also had some boneless pork country-style ribs in the bottom on a rack to make sure that we had enough to feed all the guys who helped me move the tub!

With about a half hour left, we tossed in a few ears of corn to see how they come out!
In a word, they come out excellent! Perfectly steamed and ever so slightly smokey!!

After the rain stopped, we managed to remove the tub from the trailer w/o killing anyone!
It took 5 of us to rotate it 180° to align the control panel w/ the location of the wire that had been run for the previous tub that had been in this spot!

Now it just needs a bit of cleaning!

This tub is gigantic!

I can't wait to use this thing!!!!!

Aw, screw it! I'm gettin' in it to scope it out!

I'm still blown away by how big this hot tub is!
I was leaning waaay back, but still couldn't even reach the other seat w/ my feet!

It's just a matter of getting it hooked up now!

I had to reposition the firepit, but it was really no big deal!

Still plenty of room to chill around the fire!

Thanks very much in part go to Guba Dukes, who helped me get this area is looking sharp!

The best part about it is that the tub isn't too far from the firepit, but still leaves enough room for people to hang around it without dividing up the party!

The hibiscus plant is in full bloom!

Time to get 'er hooked up!
My hot tub guy, Dominic, came out right away to hook it up!
Very well done, sir!

Holy shit!!  Did I really manage to pull off this crazy plan?!

Hell yeah, I did!  It's time to hit the tub!!!!

Look how inviting that is!   

It just so happened that the spa was hooked up and hot just in the nick of time for BFC Night!  I had everyone bring bathing suits & towels and we spent the remainder of the evening eating freshly-breaded homemade chicken nugs & french fries while sipping on suds in the hot tub!
I cannot believe that I successfully managed to move this tub and get it hooked up and running in under a week and without any major calamity occurring!  How awesome is that?!
I want to send a very, very special thank you out to all my buddies that help make this a reality!
I owe you guys, so now it's time to get some girlies together to do some partyin'!
Brewski's & deep fried vittles are on me!

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