Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pig Roaster Upgrades 2013!!

Each year, I try to upgrade the pig roaster in some way to make it bigger, better, and badder!  Check out a sneak peak of the new mods to come!

Approximately 3 decades ago, my folks built themselves a pig roaster with which to throw big, badass parties!

Since then, I've inherited this beast!  

I've taken it upon myeself to restore this bad mamma jamma to better than its original state!

This pic was taken just after I had the pig roaster sandblasted!

Straight to the painter it went after sandblasting before it had a chance to rust!

A few layers of heat-resistant paint and it's lookin' sharp!

Not long ago, I had the motor mount upgraded!

Now it's time to convert the pig roaster to propane!!

"Why?!" you may scream in retort.  "Charcoal is waaay better!"
To the charcoal purists I say, "Fear not, for I shall make this a hybrid grill!"

Sure, natural lump charcoal is great... until you leave an ash cloud 50 miles long on the highway homeward bound from Cleveland, Ohio!  
The propane shall allow us to roast pigs afield without having to worry about getting pulled over on the way home!

The old spit & chain drive need upgrading too!
This year, I've decided to switch to a notched belt drive & a bigger, beefier spit!

Springer was kind enough to get me the steel I needed for the spit!
He even gave me a few from which to choose!

Both of these are bigger in diameter and heat treated for extra durability!

One is a solid-core 25.4mm rod, the other is a seamless, hardened extrusion of 30mmx3mm pipe!
I'll leave the selection of which to use to Jamie Peake!

The Neighbs was also present to supervise the delivery of the cold, hard steel!
 Now it's time to find the right drive pulleys at an 11in : 2.5in ratio!
Check back soon for more updates!

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