Friday, August 23, 2013

Homemade Dill Pickles!!

What does one do when his buddy grows far more cucumbers than he knows what to do with!?  Make a shitload of pickles!  Check out how we did it!

Get a load of this load of cukes!
Grown in the Garden of EDen at Casa del Schertzer!!

Makin' pickles is easy! You only need a few ingredients!
Left to right:  Mixed Pickling Spice, Kosher Dill Pickle Mix, and Vinegar

Get ready to hack up the cukes!



How 'bout we pickle up some cauliflower?!

Whack it up into manageable pieces!

This process goes pretty quick!
I wouldn't imagine wanting to do only a few cukes at a time.  It's better to make a ton at once, than to screw around with making small batches!

We added hot peppers to some of the jars to kick them up a notch!

This stuff is potent!  A little goes a long way!

This seasoning makes the pickles taste just as if you'd bought them from the store!

Everyone ready for a pickle-brine bath?!

Chuck it all in a pot and bring it to a boil!

Stir it up, why not?!

In this shot, we had just filled the jars w the brine! 
Evidently, Schertzer used to be a 3-card Monte hustler!

The instructions have ya wait a half hour before throwing lids on them and stickin' 'em in the coldbox for a week!

Yeah baby!

Hot Cauliflower!! Woot!

We made pickle chips too!

Time to lid them up!

Last remaining open jar!  Slap a lid on that shit!

Awww yeeeeahhhh!!

Check out those homemade pickles!  Not bad for a coupla hacks!

Guba is always willing to put in his two cents!

This is the entire batch!

This ought to be enough for a week or two!

3 days later, Schertzer brought a few jars back for me to try!

We cracked 'em open and dove right in!
They all came out great!  The flavor will continue to mature over the next week or two, but they were damn good eats already at this point! Stop on by if you are in my neck of the woods to give them a shot! 

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