Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Deep Fried Pork Cutlet Sammiches & Pork Nuggets!!

Why limit yourself to chicken when deep fried pork is soooooo good?!  Check out these tasty little pork cutlet sammiches that I whipped up just the other day!

Sam's Club has pork marked down $3.00 per package, so I bought the biggest one they had!

11 lbs of high-quality boneless pork loin for only $22.03, ahem, $18.03??  Sign me up!

I have this "thing" about the outside of packages of meat and what could possibly be lurking on the plastic in which the meat is encased.  I don't let the outside of the package touch anything that the meat will touch! I even wiped down the table after it was on there!
Think about it!!  Every bozo at the store who touches, coughs, and/or sneezes at it adds their own special germsauce to the petri dish that is already growing invisibly on the outside of the plastic.  Just sayin'...

Now we're lookin' good!

Reverse angle shot!

Super sexy close-up!
Time to get rid of the chain meat!  Get to trimmin'!!

A lot of restaurants "throw away" their chain meat bec it really isn't fit to serve to customers due to the amount of silverskin on the meat.

Fortunately (for the chef at the restaurant), there isn't so much silverskin that they wouldn't just keep it for themselves for later! :)

Lookin' good w/ the chain meat trimmed off!

Start by spreading out the chain meat and trimming as much silverskin and fat ass possible.

Then, hack it into chunks!

Sure, you could bread this and deep fry it as-is, but they are easier to share when you chunk them into nugs, yo!

Just like so!

Now it's time to trim up the rest of the meat!

Sure, you could leave the fat and silverskin on the loin if you were simply hacking it up into pork chops, but pulled pork is easier to pull w/o it!

So, get to trimmin'!  Try not to butcher the meat to badly!

Ah, yeassss!  Just like that!

Now, that's some sexy pork, no yes?!

Slice off a cutlet...

...but try not to make them too thick!

Now, gently, pound them flat!

Much better!

Yeah, that's the ticket!

Do as many cutlets as you need, then make a few extra!
Trust me on this!

The rest of this nicely-trimmed loin is going to be whacked into big chunks for a lean version of pulled pork!

All the nuggage goes in a freezer bag w/ some seasonings to let the love happen in the fridge over night!

Toss the big chunks of loin to be smoked into a garbage bag in preparation for a rub-down!

Oddly, this pork looks upside down!  It most certainly is not!

This is what I decided to go with!  I try not to reinvent the wheel, but instead just try make something that pleases my palette profusely!

Yeah buddy!  Don't skimp on the seasonin's, yo!

Before being mixed up!

After being schmooshed about!

That there meat is lookin' tasty already!

Back to fryin' already! 
(Come back again soon for more pics of the pulled pork!)

As always, start with a thin layer of breading in your Batter Pro breader!
What's that?! You don't have a Batter Pro?!
Click on the link below and get yourself one! It'll be the best ~$15 you've ever spent!

Trust me, if you deep fry a lot, you NEED one of these!

Toss in a few chunks, but be sure to leave elbow room!

Don't overload the breader or the breading won't adhere properly!
I like to cover them w/ a thin layer of breading before doin' the shake'n'bake!


Ka-pow!!  Try to resist the urge to shove one in your mouth while they are still 50 million degrees from the fryer!  Or just cover it in a little Shit Yeah! sauce and  let it burn, baby, burn! :-)

While these are cooling off, get busy deep frying the rest!

Be sure you have some little rolls to use a sammich buns ready to go when the cutlets come out hot!

Could/Should we have added cheese, bacon, & Shit Yeah! sauce?!?  Absolutely!
Too bad I only had the Sriracha on-hand!
Get yourself some if you haven't already!

Mmm, pork cutlet sammiches!

The only thing wrong w/ making these is...

...that it is hard to make enough!
ALWAYS make more than you thought you would need or you'll end up like me the day after I made these -- bummed out that I hadn't made twice as much! 
This was approximately 3 lbs of pork!
Too bad I only made (barely) enough to serve two people on this particular occasion! 

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